Halloween Nightmare

Rookie (11/12/90 / brissy)

Halloween Nightmare Poems

1. Torcher 5/25/2008
2. Dark Love 5/25/2008
3. How I Felt 5/25/2008
4. My Sorrow 5/25/2008
5. My Devoted Love 5/25/2008
6. How I Loved 5/25/2008
7. It Hurts Doesnt It 6/1/2008
8. How U Make Me Feel 6/1/2008
9. This Is Me 6/1/2008
10. People Have No Feelings 6/1/2008
11. I Care For You 6/1/2008
12. The Dust 6/1/2008
13. How You Make Me Feel 6/1/2008
14. Broken 6/1/2008
15. Depression Love 6/1/2008
16. Utittled 6/1/2008
17. Untittled For You 6/2/2008
18. Who Am I Now 6/4/2008
19. Why 6/4/2008
20. Devoid Of Love 5/25/2008
21. For A Friend We Miss 5/25/2008
22. Goth And Alone 5/25/2008
23. I'M Me 5/25/2008
24. Heartache 6/18/2008
25. For My Lost Friend 8/13/2008
26. Love Or Lust 12/1/2008
27. My Life My Death 5/25/2008
28. Our School Sucks 6/5/2008
29. Voices 7/27/2008
30. Vampires Die For You 8/5/2008
Best Poem of Halloween Nightmare

Vampires Die For You

In the valley,
before i lay
someone come
and kill me now
I drown in the fear
of my lust for your
the fear of falling
for my lust
my thrist
of your blood
it fills my heart with
slowly killing me
i cant give in but the
thrist has gotten stronger
i must have too so i slit
your throat drained
you of your life
and drunk your soul
your blood drained me
of my soul and
now im dead
and so are you
the first of your blood destroyed
my soul

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My Life My Death

my life has bein takin over by my thoughts of suicide
cant help but think of death and how it would be
when im gone im layin down in bed with these
thoughts of how i should do it or should i try to run
from these thoughts

i try and fight them off but i cant do it
i cant shake these thoughts their killing me
i try too run and they

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