Hans Christian Andersen

(2 April 1805 – 4 August 1875 / Odense)

Hans Christian Andersen Poems

441. Madrid 7/3/2012
442. Fru A. C. D. Drewsen, Født Lassen 7/2/2012
443. Jeg Elsker Dig 7/3/2012
444. Ved En Forestilling Af Familien Price 7/3/2012
445. December 4/20/2012
446. A. Bording 7/2/2012
447. A. Böttger 7/2/2012
448. A. Henselt 7/2/2012
449. A. Stub 7/2/2012
450. Abrahamson 7/2/2012
451. Agnes Dunlop Og Michael Rosing 7/2/2012
452. Agnetes Vuggevise 7/2/2012
453. Arreboe 7/2/2012
454. Avis Aux Lectrices 7/2/2012
455. B. Bang 7/2/2012
456. B. S. Ingemann 7/2/2012
457. B. V. Beskov 7/2/2012
458. Baggrund Til Vignetterne 7/2/2012
459. Der Er Et Huus Afsondret Ved Et Gitter 7/2/2012
460. Du Stærke Død, Din Taushed Vækker Gru 7/2/2012
461. Er Fyren Af Adel, Og Pigen Har Penge 7/2/2012
462. Aarets Børn 7/3/2012
463. Aftenlandskab 7/2/2012
464. En Seer Man Født For Prosa Og En For Poesi 7/2/2012
465. A. Oehlenschläger 7/2/2012
466. Ved Soldatens Hjemkomst I 1864 7/3/2012
467. Ved En Givet Forestilling Til Indtægt For,,Den Blinde Soldat'' 7/3/2012
468. Formens Evige Magie 7/2/2012
469. Adam Oehlenschläger. Den 26. Januar 1850 7/2/2012
470. Ak, Var Der Dog Kun Et Eneste Sprog 7/2/2012
471. Amagerbonden Har Hollandsk Blod 7/2/2012
472. Aftendæmring 7/2/2012
473. Kongen 4/20/2012
474. En Lille Flugt Til Rom Den 8 Marts 1835 7/2/2012
475. Abc-Bogen 7/2/2012
476. Cid Lod Kalde Tvende Jøder 7/2/2012
477. En Skyet, Guulgraa Luft Saa Tung Og Hed 7/2/2012
478. Du Som En Huusalf Stille Sysler Inde 7/2/2012
479. Ved Ham, For Hvem At Stenen Brast For Graven 7/3/2012
480. Ved Et Barns Død 7/3/2012

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Best Poem of Hans Christian Andersen

From The Philosopher’s Stone

Now she heard the following words sadly sung,—

“Life is a shadow that flits away
In a night of darkness and woe.”

But then would follow brighter thoughts:

“Life has the rose’s sweet perfume
With sunshine, light, and joy.”

And if one stanza sounded painfully—

“Each mortal thinks of himself alone,
Is a truth, alas, too clearly known;”

Then, on the other hand, came the answer—

“Love, like a mighty flowing stream,
Fills every heart with its radiant gleam.”

She heard, indeed, such words as these—

“In the pretty ...

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The Pixy And The Grocer

How bright the room seemed! It was as if a ray of light came from the book, a luminous tree whose branches spread out across the ceiling. The leaves were fresh and green and on each branch flowers bloomed and fruit hung. The flowers were faces of young maidens, some with radiant dark eyes and other(s) with clear blue ones. The fruits were sparkling stars. All the while the most beautiful music could be heard.


He [the pixy] experienced greatness. He saw what we see whe

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