Harley White

Harley White Poems

41. Cosmic Hand 12/1/2015
42. Cosmic Jewel Cluster 2/28/2018
43. Cosmic Lens 12/1/2015
44. Cosmic Quartet 6/28/2017
45. Crack Of Shine 11/21/2016
46. Cross That Bridge 5/29/2013
47. Dark Matter Matters 8/20/2011
48. Dharma Gateway 10/27/2012
49. Dirty Corner 10/16/2011
50. Dreams Beyond Dreams 10/4/2016
51. Dying Swan Tale Unveiled 4/25/2017
52. East Of The Sun And West Of The Moon 12/18/2013
53. Eclipse Facts And Fancies 8/20/2017
54. Einstein's Waves 2/22/2016
55. Empyreal Heart And Soul 6/19/2015
56. Empyreal Pleiades Greetings 12/17/2017
57. Empyreal Rondeau 3/16/2017
58. Epiphany 10/21/2012
59. Equinoxes 3/20/2017
60. Ethereal Cloud 10/29/2017
61. Far Out Universe 9/13/2016
62. Farfetched ‘frankenstein' Formation 1/25/2017
63. Fools Rush In, Where Angels Fear To Tread 9/9/2013
64. Galactic Confluence -new- 3/14/2018
65. Galactic Rose 6/29/2016
66. Genethliac 10/19/2011
67. Ghostly Reflections 6/10/2016
68. Gold And Silver 10/16/2017
69. Goldilocks Tale 11/14/2016
70. Good For Each Other 2/9/2014
71. Googleplexus 6/9/2013
72. Guilt Will Wilt The Sweetest Flower 10/11/2017
73. Healing Herbs 10/5/2015
74. Hidden Jewel 1/15/2015
75. Hidden Wonders 7/30/2017
76. Holy Hologram! 10/13/2011
77. Homage To Cassini 9/20/2017
78. How Shines The Moon 6/1/2016
79. Hubble Bubble 4/28/2016
80. I Am A Beast 7/28/2013

Comments about Harley White

  • Bill Cantrell Bill Cantrell (12/31/2016 11:18:00 AM)

    Harley Whites poetry is absolutely stunning, extremely interesting, intellectually and poetically profound!
    I was shocked when I read mirror, mirror....the accuracy of statements reguarding galactic anomalies is enough in itself but she poetically ties in the human aspect with questions demanding balance such as in mirror, mirror.
    She stands alone in uniqueness style. What a joy to read her work! ! !

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Best Poem of Harley White

Cosmic Lens

There’s a smiley face in space
that’s beaming from above
at our mindless human race
on Earth we say we love.

Yet we mortals trash our planet
and with weaponry we man it,
dream up lucrative devotions,
scheme up profiteering notions.
(If it’s good for us, we ban it.)
We pour poisons in the oceans,

putrefy the air we’re breathing,
spew out gases foul that interfere
with shield of ozone wreathing
in the upper atmosphere–
one of the stratospheric layers
necessary for us here–
which greedy corporate players
have been making ...

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The Cuckoo That Couldn't

Is destiny carved or does instinct win out?
What causes a species to thrive or thin out?
Are queries and theories the puzzles they seem?
Let's hark to a cuckoo tale spun from a dream.

There once was a cuckoo who happened to grow
Into a rare nestling that needed to know,
About all the whispers and strange twittered words
That designate cuckoos as crazy weird birds.

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