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There’s a smiley face in space
that’s beaming from above
at our mindless human race
on Earth we say we love.

Put away childish things
yet keep the childlike wonder.
Though dreams be rent asunder
our wishes still have wings.

From dust to dust our lives are thrust,
while flames the candle's brief combust.
We leave the shelter of the bay,
unmindful night will follow day,

If Keats could have seen through Hubble's eyes
when the sonnet ‘Bright Star' he wrote,
meaning its telescope-imaged skies
with those stellar tableaux afloat,

Once upon a time I dreamed
I dreamed there was a once upon a time
I dreamed with the mind that dreams
I dreamed in the darkness of dreams

Adrift in space where dreamers tread
a Needle's sewing cosmic thread
through cloths of heavens vastly spread
of gold and silver light o'erhead,

What sparked the Big Bang?
Should we give a dang
how the experts debate
as to what might predate

Could there be a sculptor in outer space
deserving of standing ovations,
or grand ethereal artist's embrace
that's fashioning cosmic sensations

Twinkle the stars in night's display—
Sun's shining rays light up the day...
and yet, if futures vast we may
divine, white dwarf with diamond core

Under inexorable gravity's pull,
galaxies often move toward one another.
Closer and closer they come to each other,
till astronomic smashups happen in full.

Volcanoes can engulf the land
in avalanching lava blaze
entombing picturesque Pompeiis,
for Nature has the upper hand.

Oh magnetar empyreal
of Norma constellation small,
with spin that's slow, mysterial
in supernova remnant sprawl

Within the flame of cosmic scale,
a nebula beyond the vale
of tears and fears and random mirth
upon an azure planet earth,

I had an ‘ant colony' as a child,
called ‘formicarium' technically,
enclosed behind glass with tunnels unwild
to watch them move in their captivity.

In evermore the star displays
will surely show their stellar days
to planetary dwellers there
whate'er their sentient being flair

In huge encounter underway
the Hubble's chosen to survey
a ‘perfect ten' is on display.

Upon our stage we romp and rage
in Goldilocks's golden cage
amongst colossal cosmic crowd
with spark of liveliness endowed

Such ancient stars so nightly nigh
may seem, while viewed through aided eye,
that we can only wonder where
or if they shone on beings there

Is there a stellar orb that's last,
beyond beyonds of cosmic vast?
I can't imagine such a thing,
no matter where my thoughts take wing,

Alone or if billowing by in crowds
of earthly firmament skies overhead
we see lifelike images in the clouds
and even in vastness of cosmic spread.

The Best Poem Of Harley White

Cosmic Lens

There’s a smiley face in space
that’s beaming from above
at our mindless human race
on Earth we say we love.

Yet we mortals trash our planet
and with weaponry we man it,
dream up lucrative devotions,
scheme up profiteering notions.
(If it’s good for us, we ban it.)
We pour poisons in the oceans,

putrefy the air we’re breathing,
spew out gases foul that interfere
with shield of ozone wreathing
in the upper atmosphere–
one of the stratospheric layers
necessary for us here–
which greedy corporate players
have been making disappear.

How they vie for prominence,
cry for global dominance,
in their lethal games
with avaricious aims

that strive for power, to possess
more and more and more and more,
all in the name of ‘progress’,
in a doom where we’ll be done for!

Way out in that spatial place,
there we see that ‘happy face’
(anyhow at least ‘so-called’)
with arcs in lensing guise
that across its look are sprawled,
plus galaxies for eyes.

This strong gravitational
Einstein lensing ring
shows a quite sensational
though misleading thing

that has caused this warped spacetime
to evoke my Hubble rhyme
for its kisser countenance
born from massive mountenance
(which is a word that can be seen
in Edmund Spenser’s “Faerie Queene”) .

How will our folk tale end up?
Could that grinning gal or guy
be a parodic send-up,
satirizing us on high?

We’re drowning in excessive stuff
at a fast and frenzied pace…
When will people shout, “Enough! ”?

Man can wreak havoc, in worst case,
with single pull of lever.

Still and all, we think we’re clever…

I’ve a wish, in medias res–
but better late than never:

May human beings life embrace,
before our hopes we sever
to find an earthly state of grace–
in truth, the great endeavor…

So, smile upon us, smiley face!
We need it more than ever!

Harley White Comments

Bill Cantrell 27 April 2023

I just posted my recent poem the great Harley White on allpoetry

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Prabir Gayen 24 January 2019

Harley White....a very powerful...talented and sensitive poetess...I lover her poem very much.

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Harley White 08 January 2021

Your response to my poems is truly gratifying! Thank you so much!

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Bill Cantrell 31 December 2016

Harley Whites poetry is absolutely stunning, extremely interesting, intellectually and poetically profound! I was shocked when I read mirror, mirror....the accuracy of statements reguarding galactic anomalies is enough in itself but she poetically ties in the human aspect with questions demanding balance such as in mirror, mirror. She stands alone in uniqueness style. What a joy to read her work! ! !

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Harley White 08 January 2021

What wonderful words you have written about my work! I am so grateful to you for reading and following my poems! Thank you, thank you!

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