Harriet James Poems

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Be A Sunflower

Sunflowers just can't help it,
Turning toward the sun
Whatever the weather.
So be a sunflower today,


Let's not talk
About love
Just accept it

The Beauty Of Life

The beauty of life
Is in the eye
Of the beholder

Choosing Torment?

After all the lies,
What am I to believe?
I followed only what
I wanted to see.

It Is Life

It is Life!
It is more than Life!
A happy acceptance
Of selfless Love

A Prayer For Strength

May you feel a supporting hand 
On your shoulder all this day
Pushing you forward carrying you through 
Whatever you will face

High Tea In Knightsbridge

Oh Henrietta
My dear friend,
Where would we be
Without your sense

Ribbons For Boys And Girls

Keep writing for the boy
And I'll keep singing for the girl

Write ribbons and ribbons
That will turn into beautiful bows

Occupational Therapy

Find me a scissors and some paper,
So I can start to shape her.

First the feet and legs, all two;

The World Will Never Understand

The world will never understand our love
So we'll not judge it by their measures.
We'll just accept it as a gift
And guard it as our treasure.