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Be A Sunflower

Sunflowers just can't help it,
Turning toward the sun
Whatever the weather.
So be a sunflower today,
Have fun!
Be better!
Face the sun!


Hmmm...I wonder if all of us eat sunflower seeds 3 times a day & for a midnight snack, we'll have more fun and be better, peace-lovings people? Nah...Probably not, and with my luck, I'll get a shipment of the salted kind, and fafter 2 days of eats, feel as if the sun fell on me, with a blood pressure read of 210 over 160! ! ! ! Succinctly sweet and upbeat poem..Enjoyed! ~FjR~

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 09 September 2012

A sweet poem. Im a flower fan so i lovd dis

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Stevie Taite 10 August 2012

This is short but very sweet!

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Captain Cur 06 August 2012

No salted seeds for me but I will reach for the sun. The safest kind of power is prefixed by flower.

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Walterrean Salley 02 August 2012

I think I'll give it a try. I'll try to be that sunflower today, and make it a good one - not only for myself, but for all whose path I cross. And if it works, I'll give it another try on tomorrow. Love the connotation of this poem. Makes my day.

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Harriet James 30 July 2012

FjR, you are funny! Have a sunny day and thanks for commenting.

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