Helen Osbourne Poems

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The Gloaming

Adirondack Summer Night

Evening comes slowly creeping across the landscape.
Pines deep green in daylight turn black.

A child seen in silhouette on a tire swing as cicadas'sing.

We Never Said Goodbye

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine

Loosed in the garden by creator were we, armed only with human nature and common sense.
Years we survived with only those tools, and we learned as we went.
Humankind attuned to the earth, living and thriving in balance with nature.
Than came greed and man learned to profit through destruction.


I am Gulliver and this pool is my ocean.
I stride across the shallows with determination.
Lunge again and again to strengthen old knees.
Hard work made more pleasant by the cool lick of water.

Moon Watching

The moon has my mother's face on nights when my heart is empty.
She's been gone so long I've forgotten the sound of her laughter.
I see her in my dreams and in the mornings mirror.
She haunts my heart and I hear her inside my head.

A Joke

When I make a fool of myself and you have to agree, a joke is born.
A reference that for ever more has new meaning; a laugh shared by old friends. Out loud, in my face and for all to hear.

Not under your breath, behind your hand when you think I can't hear.


It took me nine hours to drive out of Texas. I sipped 5 Hour Energy all the way to stay alert.
Played leapfrog with 18 wheelers across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.
It broke my heart a little to leave; and damned near broke my body to make the move.
I'm going to sit here and watch the seasons pass, lick my wounds and make a new plan.