helena dombrowski Poems

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You don't know what i want,
You don't know what i need,
So why not just forget about me?
You say you love me,

Everything Is My Fault

If your mad at someone else,
you take it out on me.
If your mad at yourself,
you take it out on me.

Why? ? ?

what is the point of living,
if your just gonna die?

what is the point of breathing,

My Last Tear

Why do i have to be in this weird place?
Why can't i do anything write?
I sit here with a dumb look on my face,
When things end in another big fight.

I Wish Apon A Star

how do you wish apon a star?
how can it hear you if it is up so far?
does it have magic to make it come true?
and how does it know exactly how to find you?


iF i WaS iNvIsIbLe
I CoUlD jUsT wAtCh YoU iN yOuR rOoM
iF i wAs iNvIsIbLe
I CoUlD jUs mAkE yOu mInE tOnItE


you were here for me
but now your gone.
you thought it didn't hurt
and that i'd move on.

Not A True Mom

You punish me for sh** i don't even do.
so now you force me to say'i never loved you'.
i came home from being laughed and dissed at school.
when i walk through that door, you make me feel more of a fool.

Help The People

dear god,

help the people who are homeless
help the people who are poor

You Are The One

when i look into your eyes,
i hope to find love not lies.
your'e like a picture in a magazine,
you brighten up the whole page.

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