My Last Tear Poem by helena dombrowski

My Last Tear

Rating: 4.8

Why do i have to be in this weird place?
Why can't i do anything write?
I sit here with a dumb look on my face,
When things end in another big fight.
Why does my mouth always get me in trouble,
When i say stuff i know is not right?
I always do foolish things on the double,
Instead of enjoying the beautiful light.
I wish i knew what i should do.
I'm lost and need your help.
But when i try and ask it from you,
You just think of yourself.
I need help, why won't you help me?
I don't know everything in this huge world.
I guess that is just how i have to be,
A confussed little girl.
I'm trying to put thoughts of you behind me,
I'm trying to learn to grow up.
I'm going to be the best person i can be,
Instead of being messed up.
You once told me that i couldn't do right,
That my life is one big mistake.
So i'm sitting here alone tonight,
With me and my lonely heartach.
Your voice is still stuck in my head,
All i can here is you yell in my ear,
Telling me you'd be glad if i was dead.
As i wipe away my last tear.
You taught me how to be on my own,
That is something i will never forget,
You thought i would just cry and moan,
You thought i would live with regret.
But there is one thing i have to say,
Before i say good buy,
I will never forget that beautful day,
That day i learned to fly.

Carissa Mcbride 03 March 2008

this poem is awesome. keep writing

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Sandy nobody 25 February 2008

hugs...this is so sad..parents shouldnt talk like that to their kids..but parents arent perfect..dont grow up too quick..try to enjoy being a kid..wish i had words to make you feel better..

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helena dombrowski

helena dombrowski

St. Petersburgh, Russia
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