Henry Lawson

(17 June 1867 – 2 September 1922 / Grenfell, New South Wales)

Henry Lawson Poems

201. In The Height Of Fashion 3/26/2010
202. When You’re Bad In Your Inside 3/27/2010
203. The Christ Of The 'Never' 1/1/2004
204. Lily 3/26/2010
205. The Cliffs 3/26/2010
206. Unwritten Books 3/27/2010
207. Old Tunes 3/26/2010
208. Skaal 3/26/2010
209. Skeleton Flat 3/26/2010
210. Said The Kaiser To The Spy 3/26/2010
211. Heed Not! 3/26/2010
212. Statue Of Robert Burns 3/29/2010
213. Only A Sod 3/29/2010
214. The Voice From Over Yonder 3/27/2010
215. That There Dog O' Mine 3/26/2010
216. O Cupid, Cupid; Get Your Bow! 3/26/2010
217. Mary Lemaine 3/26/2010
218. Billys 'square Affair' 3/26/2010
219. To Show What A Man Can Do 3/27/2010
220. When The Bear Comes Back Again 3/27/2010
221. I’m An Older Man Than You 3/26/2010
222. I'D Back Again The World 3/26/2010
223. Macleay Street And Red Rock Lane 3/26/2010
224. The Paroo 1/1/2004
225. Everyone's Friend 3/29/2010
226. Jack Cornstalk As A Lover 3/26/2010
227. When I Was King 3/27/2010
228. Kerosine Bay 3/26/2010
229. Jack Cornstalk In His Teens 3/26/2010
230. Cromwell 3/26/2010
231. Dan Wasn’t Thrown From His Horse 3/26/2010
232. Jack Cornstalk As A Drover 3/26/2010
233. Hannah Thomburn 3/26/2010
234. He Mourned His Master 3/26/2010
235. Ned’s Delicate Way 3/26/2010
236. Charley Turner 3/29/2010
237. To Victor Daley 3/27/2010
238. The Separation 3/27/2010
239. The Song And The Sigh 12/31/2002
240. Fall In, My Men, Fall In 3/29/2010
Best Poem of Henry Lawson

After All

The brooding ghosts of Australian night have gone from the bush and town;
My spirit revives in the morning breeze,
though it died when the sun went down;
The river is high and the stream is strong,
and the grass is green and tall,
And I fain would think that this world of ours is a good world after all.

The light of passion in dreamy eyes, and a page of truth well read,
The glorious thrill in a heart grown cold of the spirit I thought was dead,
A song that goes to a comrade's heart, and a tear of pride let fall --
And my soul is strong! and the ...

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Roll up, Eureka's heroes, on that grand Old Rush afar,
For Lalor's gone to join you in the big camp where you are;
Roll up and give him welcome such as only diggers can,
For well he battled for the rights of miner and of Man.
In that bright golden country that lies beyond our sight,
The record of his honest life shall be his Miner's Right;
But many a bearded mouth shall twitch, and many a tear be shed,
And many a grey old digger sigh to hear that Lalor's dead.
Yet wipe your eyes, old fos

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