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Well boy, I'll tell you:
Life for me ain't been no starry night
it's had too much darkness,
with no hopes of no light

When I see you
walking across the room
I want to hide and it's all because:
You make me stutter

The day is warm with a sweet sun
Yet, all I feel is his rejection
The sky is nice and the clouds are pretty pink
Yet, jealousy is the only feeling that sinks

You don't have to love me
You don't have to like me
You don't even have to shine a smile at me,
everytime that you see me.

To my dear Wallflower,

I know you are encrusted with the curse of what your name means

I'll sit back and enjoy my view,
even though I know it comes in more
pictures than me and you

a new walk
a new scene
that i find myself in
with the prettier girls

sometimes i know
that things won't go our way
and we'd have to hide feelings,
save them for a better day

The love bug is going around
Everyone is flirty and
chocolates are sold out in town

I heard about a trip to the
city called Love
and I tried to find my way there
But I got lost in a crowd

Take a look...
Dive right in...
Try to find me, the best way you can

Starlets, suns, babies, and

we all seem to seek to be a beautiful thing

Like the moon, ive seen the sun SHINE,
but now sometimes her rays would burn me blind....

but ive seen the sun,

the thorns on the Rose
The lie in his smile
The wandering that goes
with Eve's new mind

she said 'baby baby cant you see, some
times your words just hypnotize me'

and i wondered if she met you

the teacher would stomp her
foot on the ground
clear her throat, echo my name
and get a kid to nudge a flimsy shoulder of mine

a revolution, rejoice
and a unity of a country
it all came when one man had
a dream,

My tissues were strewn across the room,
I'm lonely, empty, faint, and blue

Smoking my sorrows with my shaky pen

i am so sorry, but no longer can i please you

you can no longer be my puppeteer,
cause my strings might sting you

a little porcelain doll
that seems to be you

light as a feather

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Life For Me (My Adaptation Of Mother To Son By Langston Hughes)

Well boy, I'll tell you:
Life for me ain't been no starry night
it's had too much darkness,
with no hopes of no light

with people wonderin around
lookin for something to wish for
because they look up,
and all they see
is darkness taking away their hopes and dreams
its nothing you can point to when you look up
it's only darkness that took over the stars above
but don't sit there and wait
for a star to show
be the light in the night,
the person that will glow
cuz' i've been shinin
this little light of mine
and life for me ain't been no starry night

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