Herbert Asquith

(11 March 1881 - 5 August 1947 / London, England)

Herbert Asquith Poems

1. War's Cataract 4/30/2012
2. Youth In The Skies 4/30/2012
3. To A Baby Found Paddling Near The Thames 4/30/2012
4. The Fallen Poet 4/30/2012
5. The Ship Of Oak 4/30/2012
6. The Fairy Lover 4/30/2012
7. Jewels: A Young Man To A Merchant 4/30/2012
8. The Bather 4/30/2012
9. Sunset 4/30/2012
10. Love And Humour 4/30/2012
11. Riding 4/30/2012
12. The Charioteer 4/30/2012
13. The Western 4/30/2012
14. A Dedication 4/30/2012
15. On A Troopship - 1915 4/30/2012
16. Fortune Of War 4/30/2012
17. Venice 4/30/2012
18. Soldiers At Peace 4/30/2012
19. The Fallen Spire [a Flemish Village] 4/30/2012
20. The Silver Birch 4/30/2012
21. A Ship Sails Up To Bideford 4/30/2012
22. After The Salvo 4/30/2012
23. Ares God Of War 4/30/2012
24. Nightfall 4/30/2012
25. The Frowning Cliff 4/30/2012
26. The Fallen Subaltern 1/1/2004
27. The Volunteer 1/1/2004

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Best Poem of Herbert Asquith

The Volunteer

Here lies a clerk who half his life had spent
Toiling at ledgers in a city grey,
Thinking that so his days would drift away
With no lance broken in life’s tournament:
Yet ever ’twixt the books and his bright eyes
The gleaming eagles of the legions came,
And horsemen, charging under phantom skies,
Went thundering past beneath the oriflamme.

And now those waiting dreams are satisfied;
From twilight to the halls of dawn he went;
His lance is broken; but he lies content
With that high hour, in which he lived and ...

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The Frowning Cliff

The sea has a laugh
And the cliff a frown;
For the laugh of the sea is wearing him down.

Lipping and lapping
Frown as he may,
The laughing sea
Will eat him away;

Knees and body,
And tawny head,
He'll smile at last
On a golden bed.

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