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On lazy days...
you become a bed of country wildflowers
and I imagine...


Twas a sans-souci day with sounds of no say
all about tree swinging and giggles of play
along came a leprechaun tall in the ears
he juggled with laughter till he burst into tears.


Tonight …

know this.
your heart


Heart, crosses and almond eyes stares
Tis time for breakfast and kind finger cares
Buttercups, roses and counting down sleeps
for when special meets special, life turns sweet.

The Sneak Of Curiosity *

The sneak of curiosity I do truly love,
slip sheets all around me as a satin glove.

To unveil one must take sheets off with care,

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T McH 28 March 2009

The most beautiful person and poet. t x

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Herbs ‘n Planz was born from within the raging belly of the Forum pages of PoemHunter.
Fertilised initially from ‘quick fire’ responses from
Emancipation Planz and Herbert Nehrlich – creations continue within the ‘spirit of spontaneity’ and all poems collaborated span the Pacific Ocean divide of Australia and New Zealand.

Often crafted withi ...

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