Bijay Kant Dubey Hero Poems

The Hero

In the mirror everyone looks to be a hero or a heroine
But in reality is not,
As the hero is not a hero and the heroine not a heroine,
Neither a cine star nor an artiste

My Hero, Mr.Drunkard

My hero is Mr.Drunkard,
How does he take to wine,
Keep partying late
Into the night time,

Prosenjit Chatterjee,
The magic of the name
Works it,
Just Prosenjit Chatterjee,

Tik Tik hero,
Tik Tok heroine,
Tik Tiok villain,
All new stars,

Mungerilal, A Deshi Hero

He keeps smiling
All the time,
We don't know
What the matter?

When break I free
For to be star,
Clap you,
Clap and whistle you

A Smoker Himself Thinking A Hero

A smoker himself thinking a hero,
Smoking and smoking,
Smoking and puffing out
In style,

Daru Pikar Hero/ After Drinking Daru A Hero

After taking daru, everyone thinks
Oneself a hero,
The intoxication of daru
And the lyrical dialogues,

When smoked I the cigar for the first time,
Thought I myself a hero
Taking a cigarette,
Buying it and lighting it

Spend a bit and get intoxicated too much,
Low budget, but too much intoxication
And without taking it, you cannot play the role
Of a hero,

My Turn To Be A Hero, A Film Artiste, A Cine Star

I too want to be a hero as no less than a hero look I,
You just give me a pair of sunglasses,
Yea, I mean the dark glasses
Or the photo-chromatic lenses

How Long Will The Hero Go Beating The Villain?

It appears almost ludicrous to see the hero beating the villain in public
And the poor and helpless villain getting a good beating
Into the hands of the hero,
Who is an expert of judo, karate, boxing and kung-fu,

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