Ramesh T A Hero Poems

Is Hero Worship Good Or Bad?

In olden days, king was icon, leader, hero and God and people obeyed to survive;
After democracy has come into vogue, people have become heroes and heroines;
But for many due to poverty and difficulties, many follow religious leaders and political icons;
Those bogus leaders using money play game in public using people as pawns!

The Practice Of Hero Worship!

All beneficiaries treat icons, leaders and legends as heroes and Gods;
This custom has come into use since monarchical rule and religious worship;
This practice started since the time immemorial to mankind continues still
In the modern time and beyond limit due to politics and cinema sure!

Man Is Living Like A Tragic Hero In The Modern World!

Not only for entertainment, inspiration and amusement, but also for
Enlightenment, instruction and information, Poetry serves mankind;
World literature flourishes due to Poetry of all kinds by great master spirits;
Poetry book is surely the life blood of master spirit as John Milton says!

Hero And Villain Of Life!

Romantic mind is positive, futuristic, dreaming and humorous;
Serious mind is negative, digging past, planning and horrible;
Romantic nature of man is creative or inventive to be joyful;
Serious ones are critical or fault finding to be arrogant...!

Compassion Of Hero And Villain!

Sense of compassion to feel the sufferings of others is
Indeed a natural emotion of human heart making one a fine
Fellow of humankind that solves the miseries of poor...!

Die Sure As A Brave Hero In Real!

No one can escape death and stay in this temporary abode
Forever managing all calamities as a hero in adventure
Movie fighting out all enemies and victoriously joining
The hands of the beloved to live a happy life in romance!

One's Iconic Hero Is God!

Devotion to mother or father or teacher or personalities and
Characters of history, literature and religion makes one a great
Fan, friend and devotee to them as they are friend, philosopher
And guide in life and work through out one's world life sure..!

A Romantic Hero's Life!

Romantic hero suffers quite a lot at first in life
Caught in the web of plans drafted by someone
Playing the part of a villain outside his jurisdiction;
But truth only finally wins bring eternal joy to him!

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