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A change in perspective
will change a sunshine filled hour
into a melting, hot, and unbearable eternity.

The marks you left inside of me,
those cannot be seen.

These marks, though,

Everyone needs a thneed!

What is a thneed?

'What's a soul? '
asked the child.

The teacher said

Love is a picnic in the park, on a red checked cloth, eating from a bruised wicker basket.
Love is fishing in the summertime.
Love is the smell after rain.
Love is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or maybe 103.

I sit here late at night;
alone, afraid, and in the dark.

I wallow in my self despair

Baby steps are tiny.
Each liitle gain is applauded.
And when you fall
someone is there

The tears wont fall.
I wish they would
so they could cause a flood.
Like Alice did in wonderland.

How are you today?
Is it strange that that's a hard question to answer?
Do i tell you that im fine?
Or great?

'Lord, what fools these mortals be'
loving each other hopelessly.
We're mortally foolish you and I
but our love will never die.

That's me today-
bright and bubbly,
bursting with friendship,

Life is gray,
the shapes all blend together.
Nothing has a meaning.


i cling to the words
that fall from your lips

i clutch to me

You're going on a mission.
I'm so proud of you for it.

The dry air makes my skin crack.
At these altitudes the pressure pounding down on me.
My nose bleeds.
The blood in the sink brings back a memory;

I'm teetering on the Edge of Insecurity.
I remember when I knew that I was beautiful.
I remember when I was confident and strong.

(steady rhythm)
Square your shoulders.
Lift your head.
Put a smile on

I'm stuck in a corner with no definite way out.
I spend my time wishing it would all just go away.
Old addictions are sneaking up to tempt me-
it's getting harder to just breathe.

Tonight is one of those nights.
It happens on occasion-
something small like a conversation, a smell, or a sound
reminds me of days passed.

1. I'm terrified of men.
2. My Dad planted that seed of fear.
3. My first college boyfriend matured it into a tree.
4. I don't like to be touched.

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I am 20 years old and I started writing poetry pretty much as soon as I knew how to write. My writing is oftentimes just a means of venting and usually the emotions are not permanent...so don't freak out.)

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A Change In Perspective

A change in perspective
will change a sunshine filled hour
into a melting, hot, and unbearable eternity.

A change in perspective
will change a meadow of flowers
into a plot of weeds.

A change in perspective
will change a barren wasteland
into a field of opportunity.

A change in perspective
will change a bleak, dark room
into a place of sweet rest.

A change in perspective
is all anyone needs
so go and change.
Make flowers out of weeds.

inspired by Phillip Kenneth Starck, thank you for your comment

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