Hiren Bhattacharyya

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Rating: 4.33

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What is it that burns in me
That swells
The agony and ekstecy my heart.

You know
This poet has nothing more
Just this one shirt
Coming apart at the seams

He is sitting sullenly,
The pale night on his lap
Like a child, just dead.

It's over -
The orgiastic frenzy of a brutal sky.
In the restive fields now ripple
Wave after green wave.

Icy autumn winds sway
In the cradle of dusk
Like honey bees drunk on orange blossoms.

Hiren Bhattacharyya Biography

Hiren Bhattacharyya (Assamese: হীৰেন ভট্টাচাৰ্য) is one of the welknown poets in Assamese language. He has innumerable publications in Assamese and achieved many prizes and accolades for his poetry. He is known as Hiruda (Assamese: হীৰুদা) among his fans. Prem aru Rodalir Kobi (Poet of Love and Sunshine) (Assamese: প্ৰেম আৰু ৰ’দালিৰ কবি) is his another name in the Assamese literature. Biography He was born in Jorhat district at Assam in the year 1932. His father was Late Tirthanath Bhattacharyya and mother was Late Snehalata Bhattacharyya. His father was a jailer. Literacy Work Hiren Bhattacharyya mainly works in the field of Assamese poetry. he has been the editor of several Assamese magazines and newspapers. Some of the magazines are Chitrabon, Monon and Antorik. Awards Bishnu Rava Bota, 1958 Rajaji Puroskar, 1984-85 awarded by Bharatiya Bidya Bhawan Soviet Desh Neheru Bota, 1987 Sahitya Akademi Award, 1992 Asom Upotyoka Sahitya Bota, (Assam Valley Literary Award) 2000 awarded by Megor Sikhya Nyash)

The Best Poem Of Hiren Bhattacharyya

What Is It That Burns In Me

What is it that burns in me
That swells
The agony and ekstecy my heart.

In all my senses
Hums the tune of your love
Burns intensely that
Saturates with ash
Inside and out of my heart.

Maybe the colloquialism of your love,
Will incinerate me in a slow pace.

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Jagadish Goswami 06 July 2012

oha bate ubhotil kobi...prem aaru rodalir kobi.....sobdabure theh patise...teo nai...teo nai....oha bate ubhotil.....

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Dr. Khagesh Sen Deka 20 December 2013

Hiruda, Moi Aponar Kobitar gunagrahi pathak. Aparixim Sraddhare moi swikar karo je Asamiya Kabitak Sabdar xahaj prayogere apuniye jotharthota ani dice.

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Porag Bhattacharyya 04 July 2012

hiru da.................biday................

24 10 Reply
Porag Bhattacharyya 04 July 2012

hiru da, may your soul rest in peace............... parag

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Indu Sataya baishya 18 September 2018

আপোনাৰ কবিতা মোৰ প্ৰিয়

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bijaya 07 December 2019

very nice

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juri kashyp 25 November 2019

kiman bhal lagei aponar kabita kenekai bujao mai..............................................

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juri talukdar 25 November 2019

aponar kabita bahut val lagei phari bh

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Bipul sarmah 12 May 2019

Khub bhal...kobita

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Shohizol Hoque 01 April 2019

I like your poem

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