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1. Mondays 10/12/2007
2. Ode To The Hc At Fair Time 10/12/2007
3. Rebirth 10/12/2007
4. Beauty And The Truth 10/12/2007
5. Wyoming Boy 10/13/2007
6. Happily Ever After 10/13/2007
7. The Beauty Of A Woman 10/13/2007
8. The Last Saturday In October 10/27/2007
9. The Change (An Observation) 11/5/2007
10. Red Light 11/5/2007
11. Passing Judgments On My Womb, Incrementally 11/6/2007
12. Finally A Bit Of Rage 11/28/2007
13. Prelude To A Kiss 12/4/2007
14. A Poem To Be Read All In One Breath (If You Can) 2/1/2008
15. West Virginia Twice 2/1/2008
16. About Me 4/4/2008
17. Part 1 Of The 'More Than Anything' Series 4/30/2008
18. Part 2 Of The 'More Than Anything' Series 5/1/2008
19. The Second Saturday In October Of The Following Year 2/28/2009
20. The Third Saturday In October Of The Third Year 9/26/2010
21. Part 3 Of The 'More Than Anything' Series 9/26/2010
22. Missing: My Lime-Green Underwear 9/26/2010
23. Part 4 Of The 'More Than Anything' Series 9/26/2010
24. I Changed The Words To That Song You Wrote 9/26/2010
25. Questions From The Rim 10/12/2007
26. Breathe (Consider The Alternative) 10/12/2007
27. Spam As Poetry 10/12/2007
28. I Am Not This Fabulous By The Grace Of God 11/16/2007
29. Festival 7/1/2009
30. Discovery 7/1/2009
31. A Letter To Shamanda 7/1/2009
32. The Beginning 11/19/2009
33. Instructions For The Death Of Me 10/12/2007
34. How I Got Out Alive 7/1/2009
35. Places I Might Hope To Find Myself Naked 6/23/2009

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Places I Might Hope To Find Myself Naked

Someday I shall crest a mountain, strip off my clothes and sit atop a rock, dangling my naked legs over the green valley below. The sensitive skin on my ass will complain about the grit of the rock and I shall throw up my arms, toss my head back and heave my chest into the wind.

Someday I will disrobe in the garden in early August and lay in between the rows of beets and carrots, loam catching in my crevices and staining my skin. When a storm moves in, I will turn over, tuck my head under my arm and see if the rain makes me grow.

Someday I might undress atop a tall building, ...

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Happily Ever After

happily ever after is having a hammock in your yard, with a babbling brook nearby. it's always having a good book on your nightstand. happily ever after is feeling the body aches associated with hard work, and knowing a gut-wrenching laugh isn't too far off. it's crying when you're moved by a small gesture and knowing you have a friend you can call

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