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Places I Might Hope To Find Myself Naked
Someday I shall crest a mountain, strip off my clothes and sit atop a rock, dangling my naked legs over the green valley below. The sensitive skin on my ass will complain about the grit of the rock and I shall throw up my arms, toss my head back and heave my chest into the wind.

Someday I will disrobe in the garden in early August and lay in between the rows of beets and carrots, loam catching in my crevices and staining my skin. When a storm moves in, I will turn over, tuck my head under my arm and see if the rain makes me grow.
How I Got Out Alive
My white dress, veil and bouquet are a stark contrast
to my outstretched thumb here on this narrow embankment.
Thoughts pass as quickly as the clouds I see.
Like them I am directionless, except for the need to move.
The Beginning
The first time that we met, I was sitting on a hot sidewalk in the City of Roses, trying not to think about all of the homeless people who had pissed or vomited or cried in that very spot.

I looked up and you looked down and we leaned in towards each other, right hands extending (across a void I didn’t know existed) , reaching (towards a salvation I didn’t know I needed) and finally grasping (suddenly rescued from a life I didn’t know was dangerous) , palm against palm.
Instructions For The Death Of Me
If you want to kill my spirit
Put me in a concrete jungle
And make the most heart-pounding thing that happens each day the navigation of traffic on the freeway.
Tell me it's not safe to go out after dark.
sometimes i wake up on a Monday morning completely overwhelmed by the world.

then i get an official invitation from jason and roo, which i'm not sure i can accept, but i also can't turn down.
then i leave the house to discover stunningly perfect weather, in a completely un-Monday-like way.
Ode To The Hc At Fair Time
i used to drive through this old town
now no one here knows the sound
of this car I'm drivin'
i was broken
i never saw the sun
looking for salvation
always on the run
Beauty And The Truth
if i were honest with myself
if i was free towards you
i could look beyond the now
with brevity and truth
Wyoming Boy
we walked along the beach well after all normal people are in bed
and we spoke of being 19 and being 33 and found we had some things in common after all

we talked as we walked about the things we plan to do, the places we might go
Happily Ever After

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