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Heard a sound in the distance
Enchanted by its sweetness
Vibrated my heart
Trembled my soul

Been long since I read your poems
Afraid to be smitten by the lines of reality
And the cringing silence that would wrap me up
Deporting me to a world of enmeshed misery.

Today, I stand here upon you
On the dust of my ancient forefathers
Inhaling the aroma of the yore
Dancing with faceless ghosts

I hide behind simple things so you'll find me
if you don't find me, you'll find the things,
you'll touch what my hand has touched,
our hand-prints will merge.


The morning looks calm
See sparkling dewdrops lazily sitting on the grasses

I have wanted to write a song
And you to give the tune
So that we’d sing together.

Hard to forget a soulful image
Contours of a body
Intimate sounds of moaning and ecstasy
Lies of promises

Often heard about them
In drunken schmooses
From “committed” activists
Drivers, doctors, engineers, lawyers

In a land not so far away…
Err, well, in my land of birth
Where nine hills form a levee around a valley
Every morning rulers have

Won’t you agree with me, If I
Say we’re living in hard times
Sorrow as the centre, just like the
Sun in the centre, with the

The place has not changed.
Meadow atop the hillock
Alongside the murmuring brook
And trees as old as my ancestors

News of my education abroad
Made my community happy
Made my parents sad.

Wakching-gee Nong.
Legends call it the elixir of life,
Thaws the winter snow,
Soothes the cold-parched earth,

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A liberated soul.)

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Mercy Damned

Heard a sound in the distance
Enchanted by its sweetness
Vibrated my heart
Trembled my soul
Soothed my turmoiled being
The voice still echoes.

Visualized a formless image perfect
Painted a portrait ecstatic
Angel of mercy begotten
Hissed a warm breathing
Felt the cold presence
The visuals still stand.

On a night of purple haze
Mercy descended on a butterfly
Dropped a lasso of rainbow
Salvaged the stranded me
Exploded my despair dark
The act remains merciful.

In a wordless lullaby soothing
Angelic smile and mockery divine
Mercy of my soul cradled me
Existence divided uncertainties
Reality disintegrated beyond life
The imprints still persist.

Dreamer and the dreamed united
Inebriated like tadpoles
Sucking ichor of bliss
Drifted down an abyss elated
Waited for the sun
The sun remains frigid.

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Homen Thangjam Popularity

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