Kumarmani Mahakul
Gandam, Dist-Deogarh, Odisha, INDIA

Kumarmani Mahakul Hope Poems

Hope Or Hope Against Hope

Hope is an expectation or
Desire for certain event,
It relates to persons, things
Or to circumstances it is inherent.

Let Me Hope

My dear nimble children
Listen to me listen to me,
You will be perfect citizen in future
Let me hope Let it be.

Glowing Vision Of Hope

Unlimited eternal hope is risen up,
With starting of new day at dawn,
Beauty of tender light has shown us,
Nice reflection has given new vision.

Haiku - 3 - Hope For Success

Little Hope Takes Up

A little hope rises like a bud
We see, see and think
Its blooming amazes mind sure
As we feel the flower in bud

Hope Of Light

Light has a hope to gain
Shyness but in tenderness,
Light has a hope to give
Wisdom but under God's arm,

Spark Of New Day Hope

The spark of new day is sparked
Just with whisper this is released,
Wind has carried new light,
Beauty has sung new song,

Moving With Hope

I know I have tied in a law
Law of action writes luck
I move on with my new hope
Still in right path I see.

Glint, Glint Oh My Hope

Absorbing fatherly qualities
From far abode that falls on
In this Earth from cosmic star
You find this light and glint.

Lorry Carries Hope

We are ready, we are ready
We have a new lorry with us
Up to heaven from this Earth
This lorry carries hope far.

We Have Woken Up With New Hope

Morning has arrived and dreams are ended,
We have woken up from last sleep freshly,
First we have to say good morning to father,
Then we have to start our daily works.

Summer In Hope

This summer comes with bright sun,
While noon knocks chest of sky door,
Radiation falls on Earth soon after.
Facing hotness we search for water.

Shiny Hope

Fine in trip mind is adorning,
Sun is rising in East morning.
Son calls to go to farm to daddy,
Its harvest time they see paddy.