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Violence In Silence

Sheathe your swords
Palestenians are not beasts
And read these words
Help us Allah Oh middle east!

In the street dead bodies
Children, women and my siblings
Cannot be burried and even trees
Death hither and thither rings

What has a two years old boy done
To be found only corpse in the rubble?
Israelis are certainly having fun
And the world keeps only grumble

Where is the humanistic law?
Why did the UN remain tight lipped?
Is it waiting for the K.O?
Ghaza became a charnel house where deads are kept

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06 May 2015

Once you have a dream, you are a new born person.

22 May 2015

Good things don't come to those who wait, but to those who waited and then acted.

22 May 2015

Where we are is because of what we thought before.

03 July 2015

' When I'm in love, I care about myself more than about the person I love. Her carlessness doesn't affect my love for her at all, because I don't except her to love me back. Love is the feeling which is covered with honesty, so things must work in that way.'

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