Houssam Mokhtari Poems

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Violence In Silence

Sheathe your swords
Palestenians are not beasts
And read these words
Help us Allah Oh middle east!

School In Street

When I was walking downtown
I have seen a man swaying
He came and stepped on the lawn
Tell me please: not my uncle

Orphan Kids

A little poor boy of thirteen years old
in the street of a winter weather cold
Asking people hither and thither
For a piece of bread to feed her

L’œil Éveillé

J’ai mal entendu ce que la vie a dit
Elle m’a éveillé de mon sommeil
Comme brulent les rayons du soleil
Et comme volent les fleurs du pissenlit

A Celle Qui Est En Méloncolie

Je t'écrie ces quelques lettres
Pour ne pas te laisser seule
La mélancolie qui naitre
Et perturbe les esprits fidèles

Dear Uncle

You keep drinking so far
Carrying your death in a cup
careless about your welfare
I'm advising you to stand up


I was wondering
Whether it is difficult
When laughing, smiling
It costs only risen cheeks

From Earth To Death

When the bell clangs
And the door hits your days
When your lungs
Stop breathing the air

Tu Vuelta No Quiere Regresar

Me molesta este dìa
Cuando has propusado
Que tù y yo
Jugamos el escondite

Pen It Down

Feelin' sad and fed up
Pen it down and relax
Losin' control: you chap
Pen it down with your wax