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David Of Sasun


Lion-Mher of fabled glory
For forty years at Sassoun reigned;
He reigned with might, and in his day
No flocks made flight o’er Sassoun's steeps.
Far and away from Sassoun highlands
His mighty name was rurnoured wide;
His name bespoke his valour, his fearsome deeds—
The single name, Lion-Mher.


Thus, seated like a fearful lion
In the Sassoun fastnesses, he had reigned
As lord for forty years. For forty years
He had never raised a wail of woe;
But now, fallen upon declining days,
Into that fearless heart there crept a ...

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In The Cottage

The little children wept and wailed;
Heart-rending were the tears they shed.
“Mamma, mamma, we want our food!
Get up, mamma, and give us bread!”

With bitter sorrow in her heart
Groaned the sick mother from her bed:
“We have no bread, my little ones;
Papa has gone to get you bread.”