Howard Camner

Howard Camner Poems

1. Judi & Me 9/7/2006
2. The Mama Chung Massacre 2/23/2007
3. Shrew 6/9/2007
4. Eli At 4 7/29/2007
5. Maid In Heaven 8/24/2007
6. Balancing Act 1/10/2008
7. Lily's Eggs Over Easy 1/16/2008
8. Sisters 1/16/2008
9. Self-Portrait On Stage 1/16/2008
10. Meltdown On Main Street 1/16/2008
11. Darwin's Dream 2/4/2008
12. Epitaph In A Convex Mirror 2/21/2008
13. Delilah Deflated 2/24/2008
14. Picture This 3/30/2008
15. One Free For Mr. D 2/12/2010
16. The Untimely Passing Of A Time Traveler 2/20/2010
17. Carmen The Oyster Shucker 7/30/2010
18. Waiting For Daylight 12/8/2010
19. Verbal Apraxia Relieved 7/11/2011
20. Mr. Question Man 11/27/2011
21. Wilma's Banana Bread Boutade 8/25/2012
22. Owed To Dr. Jackassolow Whose Limitations Eclipse His Intentions 2/20/2010
23. One For The Queen Of Mah Jongg 12/31/2010
Best Poem of Howard Camner

One For The Queen Of Mah Jongg

She sits on her throne of mah jongg tiles
and passes judgment on you and me

She's got 13 orphans on a rack
and tortures them relentlessly

She tortures them relentlessly

She'll make you pass through nine gates
with prevailing winds and guardians
where you'll feel discarded

really discarded

where a dragon's concealed
and love
is hate

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The Mama Chung Massacre

Mama Chung wags her tongue
with strings strung when spring's sprung

That Mama Chung with hands wrung
schools the young past bells rung
and sad songs sung

Now Mama Chung her flings were flung
when swingers swung among the stung

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