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Humbert Wolfe CB CBE, was an Italian-born English poet, man of letters and civil servant, from a Jewish family background, his father being a German Jew (Martin Wolff) and his mother an Italian Jew (Consuela, née Terraccini).

He was one of the most popular authors of the 1920s. He is now remembered for his epigram:

You cannot hope

Humbert Wolfe Poems

Green Candles

'There's someone at the door,' said gold candlestick:
'Let her in quick, let her in quick!'
'There is a small hand groping at the handle.
Why don't you turn it?' asked green candle.

Requiem: The Soldier

Down some cold field in a world outspoken
the young men are walking together, slim and tall,

The Grey Squirrel

Like a small grey
sits the squirrel.
He is not

Excerpts From

THE children play
at hide and seek
about the monument
to Speke.

A Thrush In The Trenches

Suddenly he sang across the trenches,
vivid in the fleeting hush
as a star-shell through the smashed black branches,
a more than English thrush.

Humbert Wolfe Comments

Martin Langdon 31 May 2015

This man is able to draw word pictures like few others. He also challenged the Nazis as early as 1933. He deserves to be read more and known more today.

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