RoseAnn V. Shawiak Humor Poems

Humor Of Intellect

Mind-tickling ivories giving gentle laughter inside,
letting the humor of intellect begin to entertain
and keep me happy in life.

Journey Of Humor

Crazy and inane rhythms being sung just because of
the humor existing within it's essence.

An enjoyable pleasure, consuming my mind, taking


Consequences of laughter hiding within are spasmodic,
unpredictable, delightful and full of goodness.

Smiling contentedly at those around, who are caught

Quiet Humor

Quiet humor setting back on it's haunches,
awaiting the moment to jump into the
musical lyrics with rhythm.
Picking up minds and tickling them with

Humor And Melody

Melodies swarming and thrilling insides of my mind,
teasing and enticing the joy and laughter to join

Quiet Sense Of Humor

Waltzing to rock and roll music just for the fun of it,
looking through a quiet sense of humor to entertain self,
jumping from boulders to get down from the top.

Notion Of Humor

Watching shadows moving slowly in the wind from
outside a window, taunting this poetical mind
when looking at them.

Mother Nature's Sense Of Humor

Looking outside a window, seeing the sun shining brightly,
tempting this mind to go and let it warm the being from
the inside out.

Believing In Humor

Waking to energy of my soul, captivating intellect so
pleasurably, feeling like I'm still in a dream world,
not caring if I don't wake up.

Handing Out Humor

Jitterbugging down rhythms's of fun, handing out humor along the way.
Bringing smiles to people's faces as they sit and listen to many aspects of music, brought to us by life.
Introduced by innate talent through famous singers and amateurs alike.

Natural Humor

Writing poetry, sitting on a little wall at Brophy, my mind keeps getting interrupted by sounds of falling leaves.
Dried and crackling, falling to the ground faster and louder than usual.
Stopping and taking a look up, I watch for a while and then finally see the cause of such commotion.
Sitting upon the roof, some pigeons are gathered there.

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