Ramesh T A Humour Poems

Life Should Go On In Smile, Laughter And Humour!

Like a smooth running river, lines of featured poetry go on;
They amuse and inspires all readers with interest and enthusiasm;
That natural joy brings the picture of freshly bloomed flowers;
The smiling faces of yellow and white flowers welcome in the morning!

A Thing Of Humour Is A Laughter Forever!

A Thing of Humour is A Laughter Forever!

A thing of humour in the novel is a laughter forever;
Such a novel was written by Charles Dickens sure

Laughter And Peace In The World By Humour!

Laughter and Peace in the World by Humour!

Without humour, where is smile and laughter on the faces of all anywhere in the world ever;
Laughter by humour should be exhausted ever if tiredness is produced for good health;

Live Life In Love, Humour And Joy!

Living life in the company of people ever jovial, humorous and loving is beautiful;
It is where good friendship develops and enlarges to have a nice group for life;
Just as in associations or clubs this kind of relationship is wonderful in world;
Such kind of group of friends is familiar in the group of Poet of Romantic period!

Humour Of One Makes All Love One!

We can know all things, change world and men but not destiny;
It is the greatest suspense all have to bite teeth and bear till end;
When and how our end will come, we don't know like next status;
Now one's status may be good or bad, but next status God knows!

Humour Makes All Laugh And Easy Difficult Jobs!

Laughter got out of humour makes all happy to enjoy fun in life;
That makes all healthy and free in heart, mind and soul in world;
Smile starts friendship, humour kindles laughter to unite in peace;
Unity, love and peace flourish by laughter produced by humour!

Who Has Heart Of Love With Humour And Smile Now?

Due to civilization no one can live without money in the modern world;
Prices and taxes have increased and Corona has collapsed world economy;
Many are committing suicides everyday unable to overcome debt problem;
When survival itself is impossible, who can love who to live life in the world?

Humour In Love Can Make The World A Paradise!

Humour kindles laughter, brings joy and makes one a friend;
Good heart, gentle nature, helpful and useful aspects turns
A friend into lover reliable and worthwhile in life ever..!

Love And Humour Reform All For Progress!

Witticism has satire and humour blended in one
That kindles quick laughter and provokes thoughts
To correct irregularities in politics, society
And human world to act with good sense and love!

A Humour In Life Is A Must!

All are drenched in rain of laughter seeing comedy pictures;
Best comedy films are mostly starred by Charlie Chaplin;
Charles Dickens was a wonderful novel writer of humour;
Dickens depicted characters who live still though like Chaplin!

Humour Only Can Make Humankind Smile And Laugh Ever!

Romantic love story with humour is always welcome by all;
All enjoy such kind of happenings in human life everyday;
Everyday life with romance and humkour makes interesting;
Interesting incidences of romance are never insipid sure!

A Sunny Humour!

A Comedy Of Humour Or Error?

A mad rush, competition and meaningless race in everything
Everywhere has made human world into a mad, mad world!
Is this mad race in all walks of life necessary for progress?
Due to this, wrong persons are at the top of helm everywhere!

Error Success