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I am Hunter Hansen.

I invite you to read (and re-read) my work.
Forgive the idiosyncrasies within, but understanding is granted to those who look deeper.

It all becomes clear, eventually. Continue. Find it rewarding. I post very little of my entire body of work. What I do post is released for a reason. Trust me, I throw no intentionally la ...

Hunter Hansen Poems


The batteries of powder as they drive
Through a clearing; have and have not survive
A tale of tempest and tempest’s tale
Telling of the trees that stood when the winds prevail


Consider my surroundings; the snow-capped lava stones
Freckling the landscape pristine, a whited glassy sheen
Glistening with reflections on a sharpened sky of blue
And shimmering with frigid stillness, sunshine no warmth bears

In Winter Still

The axe through the wooden piles plows through
Cleaving, a wintry fog and dry rain leaving,
And chips of timber and clovers left in silence pondering

Last Vestiges

The apple peeler
Is a handy contraption and a
Knife fighting trick
That pains far worse than


As my body, pierced, stripped and bleeding
Dragged on a circuit around my walled city
Of indefatigable resolve
I lay wounded, dying, hurried

Hunter Hansen Comments

knot Available 31 October 2004

Let me add to that... I get a lot of pieces (certain underlying clues) but to say all that! to say...what?

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knot Available 30 October 2004

Quite the mind juggler you are... tossing and turning, tormenting to the very end. I unlike many, chose to read The First Day in it's entirety. Guess what... I get it! That only means one thing...I'm not crazy by myself! :)

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