Hyam Plutzik

(1911 - 1962 / New York / United States)

Hyam Plutzik Poems

1. The Geese 5/22/2015
2. Because the Red Osier Dogwood -new- 12/4/2017
3. On Hearing That My Poems Were Being Studied in a Distant Place -new- 12/4/2017
4. The Airman Who Flew Over Shakespeare's England -new- 12/4/2017
5. The Last Fisherman -new- 12/4/2017
6. My Sister -new- 12/4/2017
7. For T.S.E. Only -new- 12/4/2017
8. An Equation -new- 12/4/2017
9. To My Daughter -new- 12/4/2017
10. I Have Read in the Book of the Butcher Boy (In Time of War) -new- 12/4/2017
11. If Causality is Impossible, Genesis is Recurrent -new- 12/4/2017
12. A New Explanation of the Quietude and Talkativeness of Trees -new- 12/5/2017
13. Absurd Cycle -new- 12/5/2017
15. Cancer and Nova -new- 12/5/2017
16. Connecticut Autumn -new- 12/5/2017
17. Divisibility -new- 12/5/2017
18. Jim Desterland -new- 12/5/2017
19. The Old War -new- 12/5/2017
20. Sprig Of Lilac 12/27/2014

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Best Poem of Hyam Plutzik

Sprig Of Lilac

Their heads grown weary under the weight of Time—
These few hours on the hither side of silence—
The lilac sprigs bend on the bough to perish.

Though each for its own sake is beautiful,
In each is the greater, the remembered beauty.
Each is exemplar of its ancestors.

Within the flower of the present, uneasy in the wind,
Are the forms of those of the years behind the door.
Their faint aroma touches the edge of the mind.

And the living and the past give to one another.
There is no door between them. They pass freely
Out of themselves; becoming one ...

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For T.S.E. Only

You called me a name on such and such a day—
Do you remember?—you were speaking of Bleistein our brother,
The barbarian with the black cigar, and the pockets
Ringing with cash, and the eyes seeking Jerusalem,
Knowing they have been tricked. Come, brother Thomas,
We three must weep together for our exile.

I see the hunted look, the protestation,
The desperate seeking, the reticence and the brashness

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