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The arctic wolf that runs alone
Light on the frost, skin and bone
Lives by a melancholy tone
It has nothing softer than stone

The Arctic wolf runs alone
soft on frost, its skin and bone
last of a family it has never known

Imbalances in the brain
decide if we are made or sane
as we search for stimulation
let's dance about to inclination


I can run
I can run
There is still time
I can run

(Another WoW poem by the Troll, Swéll. If it helps clear any confusion - The apothecary that speaks is female, and Soggy's love is the Princess in Maraudon. Parodied Line for Line from T.S. Eliot's genius poem: Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock.)

'Let us go den, Soggs and I
Ta Waterfall dat sees no sky

-but you'll never find love by waiting for it by the gentle stream
it'll drift by
you have to dive in
face the shocking cold

(another rediscovered old poem of mine.)

Chaos rushing through day and night

(Concrete poem)

This is ancient green land forged by fair-folk and plough
It has seen life sown and death touch the soil

Between the hidden places, creeping
by on knowledge of the spaces no
light of day or light of sight will
cut through the thick and cozy grease


Where is the boy you left behind
his hope and death no pity find
Inaugurbility, so blind
of twisted fate and shattered spine

(sometimes, anger is the strongest of fuels)

'I love you' in Formality
You say you saw a film last week.

(Another quick fire outburst - so tired now, but had a lot of negative energy to burn off today.)

Burning! Burning inside! Without!

I have no doubt that someone learning english has noted the simplicity of 'w'

You and you (and me?)
but l m NO p!

Another parody poem through my WoW chracter Swéll, though this one actually focuses on Blizzard's other big series, Starcraft. Poem of origination is 'Arcturus is his other name, I'd rather call him star.' as always for Swéll, the accent is very degenerate. If in doubt, go with the phonetics, if still in doubt, guess ;) .

'Arcturus' ain't 'is odda name-
Ah'd ratha call 'im 'dictator.'

Again, done in character of WoW troll Swéll, in parody of 'DEATH, be not proud.'

TANK bae not proud, some depend on dee
Strength en aggro, for, though are so,

What gentle eventide laps
to the edges of your soul and back
Some I'd go again, by happenstance,
again I'd swim, stare, recast this mould intact.

In time the hurts will fade
as too will the scars away
Know that I rest peacefully
Goodbyes to you living, bade

(A parody of Phenomenal Woman, and tribute to healers in WoW, whom often get the short half of the stick. Written in character of the troll Swéll.)

Raid 'ealas wonda where mae secret lies
I'm not geared or talent specced ta optimize

Even now on guard
huddled clouds ready to run
from the instincts of the sun
On such a day I saw her there

(I play world of warcraft. one of my characters is vaguely Role playish and as a random idea and funny thing to do I thought I'd have her write some parodies of famous poems that are based on her experiences in Azeroth. anyway, I hope WoW players will understand it, and that even those who don't know a thing about it will appreciate parody) Try to guess the original poem

*The character is a troll ((Jamaican voice)) with a particularly odd accent, thus the gloriously bad spelling*

The Best Poem Of Ian McArthur

Arctic Wolf (Original Version)

The arctic wolf that runs alone
Light on the frost, skin and bone
Lives by a melancholy tone
It has nothing softer than stone
Last of a family it has never known

The arctic wolf lays her hide
In the den of those who have all died
Every night, prayers to the moon are cried
For its pains, a friend, a guide
But it does not listen.

The arctic wolf is driven on
gray bolt across the freezing dawn
Starvation has it played, its little pawn
Beat of paws on endless crystal lawn
Nothing. Noting at all.

The night brings in a more cruel cold
Again it pleads, again its told
The emptiness has an icy hold
the hurting heart begins to fold
The arctic wolf, soon only mould.

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