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countless, they are suggesting and questioning;
'where are you heading' by then i replied with a noiseless voice affirming; 'To the federal capital territory with my bandaged smile to my meal flowing like this air from this fan on my humble head. '

countless, with their noxios stick pointing us we passers by

Beside me was she
Trying to poem our love

Which is dove
Forwarding a thousand smiles to front

H onest in wording like bird of jove
in hospitality is cloud
A nd gorgeous steps makes advices right

a strange was a prestigious bird on a noble nest
i passed twice a forest
thereupon the sun on run

Trees were lining up like stones
running like squirrel
Digging roots out

It battering was a humble
And ruffian badge
Beside a stork legged i sat.
Twice i parked for the first and

am writing this poem
when the class i entered is dark

the lesson makes it like a moon

the pen i wrote with is mighter than the sword

Am so fine
want to eat pine
climb With vine
it is mine

A love that uplifted my mind to sky

A love which has no match like to fly

To a city of hospitable men,
In a bus i was with my bag of smiles
Meant to display it for those trees i was passing like the days on my neck and shoulder,

Before my chest was my heart thinking the happiness of childish books i burnt,

I thought you got the key,

Come now though,

Byron The Gay
His own aristocratic class,
Whose cynical make-believe drove
him to fury:

A shott that he has fell in it
Must wander in it through the

Please! Help your master not cry
Or fly like a wing of time
Yes! Please us your inner sight to figure out your misconceptions to evacuate
To a better site of this world.

Beauty of art;
A heart with a great light



No one is free
It holds the people's jaw


In any leafy class
Pupils were divergent

Ibrahim Lawal Soro Biography

Ibrahim Lawal Soro, was born on 25 January,1988.
He attended Central Primary School Soro (1996-2001) .
A.D. Rufa'i College For Legal And Islamic Studies Misau, Bauchi State, where he obtained his Grade II Certificate (2006) , and then, Diploma In Shari'ah And Civil Law [2009].
He is now pursuing his studies in faculty of Shari'ah and Common Law at the al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

He earned his M. A at Gezira University, Medani, Republico of Sudan.

He is pursuing his Ph. D. at Bauchi State University, Gadau, Bauchi State, Nigeria.

He is a [veteran] writer, author, poet, teacher, translator, publisher, and administrator.
He is the founder and director of Darul-Hadeeth Academy (2012) and Fadl ar-Rahmaan School for Qur'anic Memorization (2013) .
He is now working on his new publishing companies: TheNilepublisherS® and al-Azb For Publishing and Distributing®
He is a devoted Salafy, and the father of Ummu Atiyyah Assalafiyyah.

Unpublished Works:

1- The Visitor (Unpublished, April 2011)
2- Count With Me (A collection of simple and inspirational poems, composed for his students,2012)
3- The Soroin Verse
[It is a new form Of Poetry he created, with a fourteen syllables in a three lines,2013]
4- Collection Of The Nile's Poet (2013) .
5-Sujjadar Rabkanuwa (2014) .
6- Safiyyah Da Salafawa A Ma'aunin Shari'ah (2014) .
7-Littafin Ilmi (2014) .
8- Mas'alolin Jahiliyyah (2014) .
9- Kalmar Tsarkakewa (2014) .
10- Hukunci Da Kaddara (2015) .
11- And Others:

1- Has more than 500 poems in his poetry forum: About the Poet and Poetry [ATPAP].
2- Has more 800 Hausa and Arabic Short Poems mostly on piece of papers, in the books he read, and his notepad.


1- Who Is A Man (A Rejoinder To Charles Darwin And His Symphathizers,2009)
2- R. Jean Jacques's Ideologies On Noble Savage And Today's Advancement (2009)
3- Western Pens On Islamic Faith (2007)
4- Footnote On The ‘Annotated Translation Of Sheikh Uthman Bn Fudi's Work On Women Education' By Prof. Yahya I. Yero mcfe (2011) .
5- On Marxism and Leninism (2013) .

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A Visitor

I am a visitor here, that has come with many lines to lay like hen. In wording is sharpest sword while on a sky of wisdom better than a plane.

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Poetry, as I opine, is a toddling of a lad, a walking of a man, and a wandering of a shark in the ocean of an unusual arrangement of one's thought on the back of his mind, tongue, and before then sometimes, his laid words like a sign of passion on a dimpled night.

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Ibrahim Lawal Soro Popularity

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