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Accidental Woman

There you are siting close to me.
Was an accident that we met.
Conversations, flow like a river.
The stories and experiences we share.

Getting Over Someone

At first the hurt wells up.
Feelings like a porcelain cup.
Beautiful to hold, easy to break up.
Bad things come the fore.


Life's an adventure,
no matter how big or small.
It starts in the mind.
Just go, be kind

A Solitary Soul

Alone in my world.
Silence is my religion.
Simple, uncomplicated soul.
Not jealous or begruding

Terra Firma

All I did was to walk my path.
Invisible cloak, I don.
Not seeking unwanted attention or wrath.
Guided to my goal, my destiny.

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Biographies are like a book, I don't think that I have anything that could be interesting to know about me other than I am old fashioned kind of guy who loves his wife and family.

I am an old fashioned kind of guy who wants to work hard, buy a house, retire surrounded by grandchildren like everyone else. Fate has other ideas so I just take each ...

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