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Another day awakes yet memories linger on

Times with you still play afresh

The road to take
It's not without its pains and turmoils
It is the road to take
It promises a harvest

Never has it been heard that a man knew thee and did not love thee
The beauty of her movement is like the breeze whispering through the roses
A beauty worthy of gazing
For the first day i heard you speak i thought it was an angel yet speaking unto me

The greatest time of the year

The day that reminds me of Christ

From when you came

And then i fell in love with you

One in a million

That is what you are

Neglect and scorn greets in the morn
Despair and dejection cuddles him gently
What can i say; he is a rejected
The shame seat awaits his due arrival

He loved you like no other

He gave you his all

The lovers time

The time emotions are true and deep

Such a Beautiful Lady

Of all the girls I've met....who captivates me like you?

The sparkle in your eyes

that makes me fall in love

I took a chance

To let you know, I love you

You've got me thinking

thinking about the moments i spend with you

Closing my eyes each night

I see you when i dream

Though I lost all
Though my tears wet my clothes
He's with me
Though I lost a lot

A God of mercy

A God of kindness

I saw you today

Looking ever so beautiful

I know its you

The one who gives meaning to my world

Though you are gone and you're far far away


The passion he had

No one could compete with

Ifeanyi Eze Biography

Ifeanyi Chrysogonus Eze was born on the 27th of june 1990, he was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Eze. He started his education at the university of lagos nursery school and from there he proceeded to the university of lagos staff school for his primary education. He attended his high school at the international school university of lagos. His mother was a source of inspiration to him and his father...always a guide. At the age of 17 Ifeanyi lost his mum and this was a great hit to the family. Ifeanyi enjoys literature and he took it as one of his courses while in high school. His life has been defined by love, loss, hurt, hate and betrayal and these serve as his source of inspiration for his writings: He has a B.sc in Sociology from Enugu State University, Im Quite an interesting person to be with, nice and friendly, funny, and one who enjoys reading poems just as much as i try writing)

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My Pain, The Pain

Another day awakes yet memories linger on

Times with you still play afresh

Constantly im thinking about you

We remember how you loved us to your death

And stil we celebrate for you are here with us

We feel, pain, sorrow and emptiness

What can i say: i miss you

And stil we ask ourselves why but only GOD knows why

But i know we would see again

We would meet again

Three things i know for sure

You can never be forgotten, you wont be forgotten, you'll never be forgotten...

Cos you live on in our hearts

We admire your strength, faith and belief in GOD

We admire your nature; your loving nature

We admire your attitude; your golden attitude

You are all in all and i know...

You're in a better place

Im so proud to be your son

We all are proud you are our mother

Our strength will never die, our love will never die...

Our circle of love will never die

To you, My mum

Rest in peace,

We love you

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Oluwadamilare Adedayo 08 October 2011

Life is define by different people by what it brings- But you given the meaning without leaving any of its component untouched.

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