ijlal haider

ijlal haider Poems

1. Newton...... Told Me 11/13/2011
2. Sometime 11/14/2011
3. Broken Heart Worth Re 1 11/26/2011
4. Barefoot To Heart... Ode Of Love 12/4/2011
5. For You, From Me 12/18/2011
6. Miles Away 1/3/2012
7. Seventh Corner Of The Square 1/3/2012
8. A Child's Treasure 2/15/2012
9. Where Was He? 3/12/2012
10. Winter Rain 3/13/2012
11. Where Has All The Winds Gone? ? ? 3/17/2012
12. Run Away, Moon 3/21/2012
13. Its All New 7/31/2012
14. Idemnity 4/22/2013
15. Simply Complex 4/22/2013
16. Song Of Hope 3/28/2012
17. A Graduate 12/30/2011
Best Poem of ijlal haider

Song Of Hope

If ever, a sun would rise

out of dark and shield

then it would sing my song

in some paddy field

If ever, a prayer would whisper

out of grief and pain

then it would sing my song

in some wet rain..

If ever, a boat would sail

out of wave and explore

then it would sing my song

in some sea shore

If ever a fire would burn

out of fear and fright

then it would sing my song

in some midnight

if ever, holy would call

out of sin of seven

then it would sing my ...

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Miles Away

i fear of

running fast so,

fast when turned back

i with me and mine


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