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you gave me your words
and I hung them onto my chest
like a rosary I worshipped daily
you promised me

My love, I have tried to find a love as you
But thoughts of you won't go away
I searched through a love so pure and true
But forgetting you can never be faraway

life is a bird with broken wings
that cannot fly into the sky

life is a barren land

A pitiful bird hooting
humming tunes of gloom
perches on the fence of my house 
broken, famished and toothless

I don't know how to say it:
I have hunted for a love as you...
but no one has your rhythm
I have crossed through many waters

I'm the poor lad,
You once mocked,
With no hopes to hold,
I was the bat beaten by rust-reeking rains,

We have been fooled by 'demon crazy'
Nurtured by same old voices rocking high waves,
Our children injected with their syringes,
Their seats covered with deceit;


And when I finally come
to the end of this road
weep if you must
but don't be drowned

she shines like a jewel
a jewel of polished silver
she smiles like the morning sun
that gleams gemstone on water


Hope, the light that takes away,
All shadows in the dark,
Like the top of the ladder,
For the bearer to bear,


It's been two years
Since death caged
My beloved Mary
It's into this world

I'd look at the moon
I'd locate the stars
I'd sound it to their ears
If they were humans

Oh! you poor thing,
A pitiful fate befalls you,
Treading streets of agony,
Clouded by broken mirrors;

The red-hot sun blistering
The tray of trouble trembles
Cracked calls to clients
In trampled famished voice

If the days had gone by
Without her angelic beneficence
Would my world have got
A charming replacement?

When I told you that I love you
I meant every bit of those words
You kept me thinking for days, months and years
Hoping and wishing that you would stay

I wish I could be with you today
so I can stare at a million
beautiful creatures in your eyes
& when the night comes

You walked into
my heart when
my world was
falling apart

I have a mad crush on you
It sits upon my chest and throat
And still I'm desperate for more.

I sit hapless: a damned soul,
In the dark shadows of grief
Glancing into deeper shadows,
Bitten by black flies.

Imafidon Mac Henry Biography

Imafidon Mac Henry holds a Bachelor of Arts (Ed) degree in English Education from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma Edo State, Nigeria. He is a poet, performance poet, writer and a photograher He is blessed with creativity and hopes to leave a legacy through creativity. 'Mr Spoken' popularly called by friends, is a lyrical wizard. He believes that the world can be transform using his pen and words from above.)

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House On Fire

you gave me your words
and I hung them onto my chest
like a rosary I worshipped daily
you promised me
a palace in eden
where I would sit as king,
and beside me
will be you as queen

at the end of it all,
they were just
mere words
words empty
like a deserted city
you were a home,
but suddenly you've
become a house on fire
raging inside of me

your smiles were the
beauty that ignited
yesterday's sunshine
will I be able to put
a hand to my chest,
scream so loudly of you; tomorrow?
your eyes were the footprints
in the sand as I walked
through the seashores...

your lips when they perched on mine,
travelled through every
damn seven continents
that bores gelatoes...
girl! what happened to those days
where my arms were locked in yours,
a sofa you leaned on for hours unending?
what happened to times you were my home
and not this house on fire?

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It's easy to believe in people when they are succeeding but you have to believe more in yourself when you fail. You can be greater than a success.

No man is perfect true, but you shouldn't be imperfect too..

The world will listen to your story only when your dream becomes your glory.

If you were born without a silver spoon, there is no reason to be sad, pick up the pieces of your broken spoon and mould it into a silver spoon.

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Imafidon Mac Henry Popularity

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