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A poem just for you,
My special gift to you,
Happy Birthday,
I love to say it again,

Poem hunters,
The world of a poet,
That stands for the best,
And help young poets have rest,

Direct my paths,
I know not where to go,
Lead me,
The road is dark and narrow,

Just as the clay is in the potter’s hand
I'm a made vessel in God's own hand
Just as he makes each vessel out of sand
So God made me from the dusty land

Natures design,
Wondrful to behold,
Natures design
A lovely sight you bring,

An epitome of dignity,
An african woman,
A virtous woman,
She has shown her self to be,

Poverty is bad,
Telling we have got to be hard,
Working with all our might,
Until we reach great height.

Who adulterated our kerosene?
Where are they? Where do they live?
Unimaginable pains I have seen
For their greed I live in grief

O Mother! My mother
Thy love has made me strong
Each passing day, my humble pearl
Think I of thee, o fairest friend

Make me who I am,
Lift me in your able arms,
Make me a known star,
And let my sleeping glory shine,

Beautiful flowers,
Of different colors,
Beautiful flowers,
Of sweet scents,

I just can't wait to be me,
I hate to watch like a fool,
But rather want to be watched all day long,
Then will I enjoy the watching,

My mother,
My mother, my mother,
Oh God! bless my mother,
The best woman and dearest of all women,

Birds of the air,
How good you look,
Birds of the air,
How high you fly,

The glory of the sun,
Cannot be caged,
As the sun rise,
I too shall rise,

Little hands,
Do what is right,
Little legs,
Lead to where is nice,

Life's cruel,
So we have to be true,
To our selves to enable us move,
Across any route.

In a new case,
I'm lost in fate,
What 'll be isn't yet manifest,
Griefs and thinking,

When one is born,
Into the world unknown,
As it first appears,
Nothing at all matters.

A song of praise,
I sing,
A song of thanks,
I bring,

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A Poem Just For You

A poem just for you,
My special gift to you,
Happy Birthday,
I love to say it again,
For you've been made plus one today,
And wish to say,
I hope your'e fine,
Inner peace and joy,
I wish thee,
Happiness and love,
May you see,
As you count your many gifts,
Know I have given,
A gift to you,
Written with pleasure,
Hope you might treasure,
What you see,
What I have,
I have given thee,
A poem just for you,
My special gift to you.

Dedicated to prince okezie.

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Ingibo Benson Popularity

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