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Prabir Gayen 12 December 2018

Very good and talented poet of a beautiful land.. good wishes to you.

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Chaminda Pushpadewa 24 December 2017

nice poems love it, he created another space to readers, considering nature of the world

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The Best Poem Of Chaminda Pushpadewa

Before Sleeping

Sun drowned in the sea at the eve
Shadow of the darkness came to all space
Street light towers bulbs were sparkle
Sparkling was car, buses, bike headlight as a flame

Passengers were decreased from coach and get off
Proud statues has been wetter without a roof
Policemen were hidden among dark for catch up thief
Plotting a ship it has been covered there there sky half

Quitting was all shop keepers without number of street dog
Queens like female dummies in the show case were smiling
Question lost people came to the restaurant forgathering
Quality liquor bottle ordered by them and drinking

Restaurant is quit place but also some body was sigh
Rose chicken and cashew nuts taste was very high
Romantic lovers face delight by there hearth
Road became empty that saw among there front door wrath

Chaminda Pushpadewa Popularity

Chaminda Pushpadewa Popularity

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