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Sun drowned in the sea at the eve
Shadow of the darkness came to all space
Street light towers bulbs were sparkle
Sparkling was car, buses, bike headlight as a flame

Surrounding, it lovely big and small islands
Viewing Palmyra trees they werearound and beside the land
Fertilizing, it was land by tobaccos and vegetable,
Travelling by train, it was not feel too long way

Glittering was City Street by morning sun chariot
singing song by birds it sounds Kitchi Bitchi
Wind was murmured as little bee that was a sweet melody among the misty
Guitar with men sang tuneful song beside the street

She had cheek as a petal of a flower, Which has pulling hearts everlasting
She had brownish hairs as liquid light that was sparkling
She had lips as a piece of watermelon its shows shape of hearts which was a symbolic functioning
She had limpideyes were talking with great emotion is viewing

The blossom will bloom with dawn birds are singing sweet song
The misty betweens open rainbow for pleasurable for affection
Every message will send to with loving thought which will fly through defeat obstacle
The explore heart will together with loving one day of noble

Season that is Covid 19 second stage
Before Sun is dawn to the day
Thinking is of that future of the day still on the bed
listening that is singing of mini birds

Life is a novel, which has been, wrote with a number of chapters
That novel has been described as beauty, separation, pain, pleasure, and sorrow
It has explained that spent time with the doctrine but it has not good enough
The man who chooses chapters but he did not state what was the preferred


She wasmourned
Thinking that was unsuccessful marriage
She suffered from anger
Again how will be given at birth to a new love

Greenish seed was shaken by blowing wind
Sky has been partitioned two line as either white or blue
Flowing water beside the paddy field
Hearing rarely that was sounded of birds were shouting

the rude village of Idulgoda their climate is cold
before morning sun misty has covered the top of the mountain
the sound of flowing water from the chute made a nice sound
the restaurant of the top of the Rock which is watching the natural attraction

Since mid-century, the people ideas had not communicated well
At that era, the message was sent by soaring smoke on the hill
Some times weaving flags for given messages they were immediately for all
on the other hand Since that era had not well communication across the cross-cultural

Season of the corona, at that time, A business man who has sat down on the rock which upon the seashore
The restaurant has becomeempty
As same the passday, no body sat down on there chairs
The customers orders, feedback being stopped.

Celebration all over world day and night every face have seen beautifully smile
The ruins of heritages strange creative of situated any place visit more and more people
Power of world link increase by the day of golden everybody could get pleasure
The site of sigiri and wild of African with river of Nile will show strange attraction more and more

Sri Lanka is like pearl
Sri Lanka best beachesare beautiful
Sri Lanka hill country breeze is making good feel
Sri Lanka national park is space for varied animal

The destination was covered by seawater
There has mountain, plain, seashore, wood, rainforest and waterfall
According to, it named as a paradise in the world
It has a long history more than a thousand years

in the time of history people are care to tree
The roots spread everywhere at the compound area by tree
believe it has unique power in between forest and village tree
the roots over came from wall actually can be wait and see one moment it has holly look for eye

Finding truth among people with comparison of doctrine
Someone praying to god will come and rescue life
The creative world move difference couldn't under stood every one
All though people convey message to every one life

Before sun beaming wake up with thousand hope walking along road
Variety colors mud blossom beside road waiting for dawn sun by god bid
After mid night dropping rain decorated every leaf sparkle like hanging light at night of mid
Mild breeze toughing blossom petal although not boring for its moved

The dry earth every time generated dark smoke everywhere like morning misty
Delight full sky with sun voyaging full of day without space for dark cloud time of every
Ounce upon time made many of lake seen like one of garden grass with tasty
The people of sin excavated for destroying the proud of history among dry

The breeze blowing between trees the birds singing sweet melody
Without feel of loosing rain via country the father given dowry protect people every day
The ruins of all heritages earn money for every moment they war ship with proudly
Bunch of lotus flowers fight for live further upon mud while lake empty

The Best Poem Of Chaminda Pushpadewa

Before Sleeping

Sun drowned in the sea at the eve
Shadow of the darkness came to all space
Street light towers bulbs were sparkle
Sparkling was car, buses, bike headlight as a flame

Passengers were decreased from coach and get off
Proud statues has been wetter without a roof
Policemen were hidden among dark for catch up thief
Plotting a ship it has been covered there there sky half

Quitting was all shop keepers without number of street dog
Queens like female dummies in the show case were smiling
Question lost people came to the restaurant forgathering
Quality liquor bottle ordered by them and drinking

Restaurant is quit place but also some body was sigh
Rose chicken and cashew nuts taste was very high
Romantic lovers face delight by there hearth
Road became empty that saw among there front door wrath

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Prabir Gayen 12 December 2018

Very good and talented poet of a beautiful land.. good wishes to you.

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Chaminda Pushpadewa 24 December 2017

nice poems love it, he created another space to readers, considering nature of the world

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