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Name- Prabir Kumar Gayen.
Poet-Modern poet.
Wife- Meethi Gayen.
Parents- Bimal Gayen. Mina Gayen.


Born in a village of West Bengal, India.

PO- Fatepur,
Dist-south 24 parganas.
Near city-kolkata.
Schooling- Fatepur Sreenath institution.

College- ...

Prabir Gayen Poems

Cradle To Cosmos

Cradle to Cosmos

Long ago with trembling hand
did I hold the hand of my mother,

My Stella - 72 (Love Poem)

My Stella 72
(Returning to self)

She is a delightful self,

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

A Rose will I give to you,

Mother India

Mother India

Mother - The divine Mother,
On the road to save Her Child,

Let Me Die Peacefully

Let Me die Peacefully

How much dream was

Prabir Gayen Quotes

14 October 2018

Life is an unseen misery, The point without point, To have it the door is lost.

15 October 2018

Song is untouched part's unsolved music, Only muse can feel it, and unquavering pain can bring it forth onto surface.

16 February 2019

Life is a but unable to cut....

11 July 2019

Life is a dream and death alone can break it.

21 May 2021

Son of God I am the son of God, Not the Only don of God.

Prabir Gayen Comments

Asia Villaflor 30 June 2016

Finally found your area. Your my most touching poets. For i was always feel the feelings of your poems. Theyre always after my heart. Love your poems

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Ben Whishow 10 July 2018

Great job

4 0 Reply
Srijita 31 December 2018

You are a Celestial creator born to spread Love and Divine wisdom..each poem is an embodiment of Light..always the Sun is radiating from your Inner Realm..

4 0 Reply
Meethi Mondal 31 December 2018

Every poem expresses the spiritual growth of mind step by inner fullness or emptiness..

4 0 Reply
Meethi Mondal 31 December 2018

Very voluminous job.great work of art..... modern poet...

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I wish Prabirjee good health and long rewading poetic journey.

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Prabir Gayan is a great poet and deep thinker.His poems are deep and profound.

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Prabir Gayen is one of the best poets in Poem Hunter. He poems are very romantic and they dwell mostly on complex feelings and deep emotions that haunt human beings. Most often, his poems remind me of the tragedies and comedies of William Shakespeare. His language is impeccable, his thoughts brilliant, his metaphors and analogies highlight his wonderful poems My heartfelt warm wishes to you dear Poet Prabir.

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Dipak adhya 28 July 2020

Having read your poem I enjoyed much... Thanks for sharing such works....

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Dipak Adhya 20 July 2020

Well penned.... She is well depicted...

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