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Mi Amor

All my life I had been searching for a cure
of the loneliness that cannot be measure
she brighten my life with her light
within this darkness I found my guide

Its Not Over

As the sunsets reveals the horizon
Wondering what lies beyond
But all those thought is just an assumption
At the end we still have to move on

Siren's Song

Laying awake in my bed,
your voice echo in my head,
in dreams you calling me,
days and nights haunting me,

My Distant Star

Watching you from afar my distant star
So bright and so fine
But can't ever be mine
Different path have we took

The Reckoning

Once, beautiful she once bloom...
Before they and before them,
Now, withered like the Autumn leaves...
Bare to the Winter's breeze.

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31 January 2018

Greatest source of motivation can be derived by two things: Love and Hatred.

31 January 2018

My thoughts and my feelings, only those who understands my journey, will understand my achievements.

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Traveler, poet and polymath.

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