Iris Rain

Iris Rain Poems

1. The Heart In Pieces 3/17/2010
2. I Found My Heart 3/18/2010
3. Who I Am 4/13/2010
4. A Soft Scent In The Air 4/13/2010
5. Note To A Lover 4/20/2010
6. Realm Of Yesterdays 5/5/2010
7. In Love 5/20/2010
8. Today You Are Not Here 5/22/2010
9. Why Do I Love You? 5/23/2010
10. Silly Boy 6/19/2010
11. Silence 6/19/2010
12. If Our Hearts Beat As One 6/20/2010
13. If I Stopped Playing With You 6/20/2010
14. If You Love Me... 8/25/2010
15. Pieces 8/25/2010
16. I Remembered The Rain 9/29/2010
17. What Of Us? 9/29/2010
18. Mirror Image 3/31/2010
19. If You Love... 3/24/2010
20. Your Smiles 5/23/2010
21. Ever, And Always 5/24/2010
22. The First Day Of Snow 4/13/2010
23. Happiness Is A Strange Thing 7/4/2010
24. Love Should Not Be 3/14/2010
25. A Smile 5/19/2010
26. Frozen Tears 6/19/2010
Best Poem of Iris Rain

Frozen Tears

The days are forgotten
The nights are longer
When thoughts are the enemy
and memories are no longer welcome
There is no reason for the broken heart to continue
beating like everything was just as it should be

Frozen tears, striken heart, weary mind
Left in the lost land, like a single white rose
withering in the wild

So lost, so frigid, so missing you
Frozen tears, cast in the mould of my broken heart
Like the thousand, hundred minutes of thoughts
I used to bestow on you, stuck in a time frame, running, turning
over and over and over ...

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If You Love...

If you love, you love forever

Love until you have nothing left to give

Love until you lost every part of yourself

Love until every moment without him is one moment less

Love until you lost him, and memories of him are all that are left to torment…

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