Ramesh T A İrony Poems

A Big Irony!

A Great Irony!

An Irony Of Nature!

Rain comes
When not expected but not
When expected!

The Irony Of Water Scarcity In Surplus On The Earth!

Don't spend money like water, they say in the past;
Now, we have to spend money even for water sure;
Water is everywhere in the sea, rivers and lakes;
Yet, pure drinking water is scarce due to pollution!

An Irony Real!

Incessant rain from east marks the day today!
Storm formed in the bay is crossing the shore;
Sea shores are alerted by hoisting warning signal!

An Irony And Pity Only The Good Suffer Ever!

Only interesting work one loves to do in the world
And that if done well getting the appreciation of all
Indeed makes one fell proud and respectable in society;
But doing work just for money will not make one to be so!

An Irony Of My Life!

I have done all possible things in life;
Except luck I have everything so far!
By my cooperation others egos shine;
My prominence is always in shadow!

A Rain Irony!

An Irony Of World!

Blue East longs for grey

Grey West longs for blue

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