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Slave to the mind
It’s hard to find
The place that I belong....

Darkness surrounded by hell
Where no one shall ever dwell
No one walks here
No one lives here

I’ve lost the will to fight
On this ever faithful night
Where oh so finally
Begins my time of misery

Love fought back my depression
I thought love was not aggressive
But here it is fighting back
While i sit here and enjoy a snack?

Walking in the winter cold
Dressed only in shorts, so bold
Laughing as the air bites my torso
Living life in cold..............Or so

I am not a being of the heat
Although I am known to play with fire
The element im of is one of desire
I am one of the cold, or so I’m told

I was born for the cold
The cold air softly biting my cheeks
Every breath a new breath at life
My lungs fill with cold air

A shadows a shadow
A soul is a soul
But what if your soul and shadow play a special role
My shadow is in my head

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I am nothing more than a 14 year old boy who has had hard times in my life....I've currently dealing with a major heartache family troubles and depression.....people think that a child so young cannot have experienced these feelings well i have i do know what love is i felt it and still feel it even though my heart was torn from my chest Love is my life and i realize this depressed as hell everyday and it keeps gettting worse so i just try to cling to the love i hold)

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I Do Not Belong

Slave to the mind
It’s hard to find
The place that I belong....

Slave to the soul
I have played my role
To find where I belong

I do not belong here
I have done payed my fare
Why can’t I leave death?
I try until my last breath
You hold me here, hoping I’ll break
The happiness I hold is oh, so fake
I’m lost truly forgotten
In this world so begotten
I think now...why Death? Why hold me here?
And he answers.....Because of your fear
(Death) If I let you out you’ll get scared
(Death) Down here you have done fared
(Death) Very well I think isn’t depression joy?
I think not for a 14 year old boy...
I will leave Death, just you wait
(Death) I had you born on that fatal date!
(Death) Friday the Thirteenth I had you born
(Death) To have you walk this land as scorned
(Death) This is why I had you made
(Death) Depression is just a black parade
You had me made to live life of hate?
With this I will retaliate
I will fight against you, Death with all my might
To get past my petty fright
I’m afraid of life you know this Death
So you dragged me here into this depth
For the better of me? To help me be safe?
Ha! Your lies are beginning to chafe
(Death) But it’s true young child I only wished to help
Silence Death! Your voice is that of a young whelp!
I shall listen no longer I’m making my escape!
And leave to to this horrible fate
(Death) You think you can leave? Just like that?
(Death) I honor your courage with a tip of my hate
(Death) But you cannot escape here....It’s in your mind
In my mind you say? So devine!
I am in control of my mind
(Death) No, your not your just a fool
A fool who is stronger than you!
(Death) Stronger than Death? I think not
(Death) And now I will leave you here to rot
I’m over my fear and I will leave here
I’m leaving now Good Bye my dear
(Death) what’s this? Your truly leaving? But depression is your life!
I shall leave this world with a thrust of my knife
(Death) The world you say? Would you really?
I would do so absent-mindedly...
(Death) But we are here in your own mind
(Death) Would you kill yourself? I can’t really find
(Death) any doubt in your ill leave just fine......
I have conquered you Death you said you were stronger!
....The lesson learned is I couldn’t be wronger
Death was warning me of the hates of this world
Makes everyone I know need to hurl
A lost love, a lost hope, a lost dream
Life isn’t as easy as it once seemed
That wasn’t Death I know this now
It was my own depression and it took its bow
It did a number on me I won’t recover
Not until a find another
Person just like me so we can talk
Maybe just take a little walk
And speak of our problems so we may be
Happy just like the world may seem
I have not found where I belong
But I am content with my little song
Made me feel better knowing the truths
Knowing my mind is aged well over my youth
With this my farewell I leave you here
Hoping that you know I hold all my friends dear
Written by Lucas Howes AKA Iruuka Blackheart

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