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The Ocean

Morn on the Summer Sea- the breaking light
Is trembling on the mountain's misty height,
And upland lea- and on the distant glen-

Wild Horse Of The Prairies

For other scenes their lights expand,
Out in the savage western land,
Where wildernesses lone and grand,

The Ocean Yacht Race

A noble sight is this, I ween,
Fair panorama of the sea,
The ocean white with crested foam

New England's Dead

New England's dead! New England's dead!
On every hill they lie;
On every field of strife, made red
By bloody victory.

The Flying Fish

In Indian Ocean, or in seas
That dash their billows upon tropic isles,
Where the perennial, soft summer time

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Isaac McLellan (21 May 1806-20 August 1899) was an author and poet, some of whose work has achieved notability by republication in anthologies.

Isaac McLellan was born on 21 May, 1806 in Portland, Maine, the home town of his life-long friends, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Nathaniel Parker Willis.

In early life, his father, Isaac McLellan, m ...

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