Isabel Szurlej Poems

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Helmsman William Lee (From Pirates Songs)

Once upon a time
Sailing ship was beached on ghostly island
Helmsman William Lee was the one
Who didn't die in the wreck


Death did not knock on my door
She sneaked in unnoticed as a thief
Entered to my life in a fragile immortality
I was never told that I would die

Rick Cahoon

Imagine the land where it snows and
The red bearded man with an ax
White snowflakes cover all
Even his ire and grudge

Ocean Pearl (From Pirates Songs)

The ship like a well-dressed woman:
Slender and fast
Ballasted well with a crowd of men around her
Sails rustle like wide skirts and supply power

Flare Of Fire (From Gods And Demons)

Enclosed rings whirling around
Uncertainty yanks guts of demons
You and me crucified by the dark
Unknown takes full flight, comes evil

I Feel Like A Ghost

I feel like a ghost from the moment I'm lost
I spread my ashen coat on white city roads
I go where no one can go
Plunge into snow

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