Isha Trivedi

Isha Trivedi Poems

1. Nature's Success 10/18/2012
2. Nature's Senses 10/18/2012
3. I Cannot Wait 10/21/2012
4. My Life 10/29/2012
5. True 12/10/2012
6. Pleasure 12/10/2012
7. Expectation Limitation 3/4/2013
8. Innocence 3/5/2013
9. Gratitude 6/6/2013
10. Hiemal Midnight 7/1/2013
11. It's Here 4/5/2014
12. Love Of Summer 10/24/2012
13. Autumn 10/24/2012
14. High School Graduation 10/24/2012
15. Winter Sleep 10/24/2012
16. Tae Kwon Do 2/10/2013
Best Poem of Isha Trivedi

Tae Kwon Do

When the going gets tough, the real black belts try harder,
So the black belts I see, I truly admire,
The stronger the fire, the stronger the desire.

Quitting is NOT an option,
So use mind over matter,
Serve 100% effort on every platter.

Rank your priorities to achieve your aims,
Set your goals straight,
And no longer wait.

Don't give up when obstacles block your path,
Instead try even more,
For this is a war.

Don't let problems trip you on your way,
Just be thankful for each day,
And it'll all be okay.

We are TKD

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Nature's Success

I see guavas weighing down branches,
Hear leaves being crushed underfoot.
Smell the cars polluting the air,
And feel the cold, dry wind; somewhat Alaskan.
There is no taste.

The clouds drift, revealing the sun,
Mild, unlike most Californian days.
Streaming though gaps onto the concrete,

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