ivor or ivor.e hogg

Rookie (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

ivor or ivor.e hogg Poems

281. Centred Experimental Form 10/21/2008
282. Confident? For M Lady Lucianne 10/21/2008
283. Game, Set And Match For Friend Thad 10/22/2008
284. Dual Personality For C.P.Sharma 10/23/2008
285. Obesity Is Not For Me Todays Idiocy 10/24/2008
286. By What Standards 10/24/2008
287. I Am My Own Man For Jt Ellison 10/25/2008
288. At Your Service 10/26/2008
289. Now Is The Hour 08 10/27/2008
290. Twilight In Valencia For M Lady Onelia 10/28/2008
291. Rip Off For M Lady Tara 10/29/2008
292. Forest Lord For S.J.Gardner 10/30/2008
293. Irrelevant 10/30/2008
294. Smitten 10/30/2008
295. Another Time, Another Place 10/31/2008
296. Unconventional 10/31/2008
297. Wind In The Trees For Friend Thad 11/1/2008
298. Thinking For Friend Sid 11/2/2008
299. Antidote For J.T.Ellison 11/2/2008
300. Duet 10/18/2008
301. Rules And Rulers For Friend Thad 10/18/2008
302. Unlimited Offer 10/19/2008
303. Hourglass 10/8/2008
304. Domino Effect Fot J.T, Early 11/4/2008
305. Domino Effect 11/4/2008
306. Take A Break 11/7/2008
307. Guardian Angel? 11/7/2008
308. One Chapter 11/10/2008
309. Misplaced Confidence For M Lady C.T.Heart 11/10/2008
310. Truth Or Truths? For M' Lady Amber 11/13/2008
311. Nostalgic Mood For M Lady Ernestine 11/16/2008
312. Object Lesson 11/18/2008
313. Threepenny Bits 11/19/2008
314. My Question For M Lady Fay 11/20/2008
315. Power Failure 11/21/2008
316. Certainty For M Lady Tsira 11/29/2008
317. Krystallnacht 1938 11/30/2008
318. Hannibal's Lecture A Cautionary Tale 11/30/2008
319. The Right Attitude 12/1/2008
320. Don'T Call Again For My Erstwhile Colleagues In Social Services 12/1/2008

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  • Bri Edwards Bri Edwards (7/28/2018 8:28:00 PM)

    you may no longer be on p-hunter.
    you may be dead; it may be so.
    but if you are indeed alive still,
    i wish you the best. now i must go.................

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  • Catrina Heart (1/22/2009 9:44:00 AM)

    Ivor the master's craftman of poetry...his compositions were all carefully studied and penned, leaving no flaws to make it ageless. Perfectionist, using simple smooth flow of words with a very nice imagery. A true poet using rhymes and rhythms to all his glittering works...

    I am a fan Sir.

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  • Lucianne Fasolo (10/5/2007 9:34:00 AM)

    I love your writing style, and your poems. They're all skillfully written and beautiful. But of course you know that by now, ;)

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  • Jennifer Perryman (9/9/2007 12:05:00 PM)

    Fantasy friends for children are wonderful, as your poem is wonderful.


    Magnificent poem, ivor

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Best Poem of ivor or ivor.e hogg

A Dad

Any fool can be a father.
It takes a man to be a Dad.
Though some fellows would much rather
play the field as Jack the Lad.
Take their pleasure where they can
avoid responsibility
The lack the guts to be a man
despite their masculinity.
Real Dads are made of sterner stuff.
Take their duties seriously
stay steadfast when the goings tough
and always try their best to be.
The kind of Dad who’s firm but fair.
But best of all He’s always there.


http: // blog.myspace.com/poeticpiers

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Now what’s amiss?
No welcome kiss
That’s not like you

you will give me
a kiss or two,

Your smiling face

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