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The rain is gone.
The sun is set.
The breeze has come.
But my love is gone.

I am proud of you father
You gave me all I need
I have no cause to bother
Your care is love indeed

We stood at a cross-road
Each deciding on which to take
Suddenly to lifted the lamp of love
Then we saw this way you lead

Should I uphold my thought?
It makes my heart fret
Should I fail my conscience?
Holding me not to quit

Beautiful faces
All around the place
Sweet voices
From lovely persons

It is a year you faded away
To a place I cannot venture living
But your voice re echoes
I wish I will meet you again

My Nigeria
Nigeria mother of great leaders in the heart of Africa
Nigeria our compatriots fought her independence fifty years ago

Little child
What’s your hope?
In this wild wide worry world?
How can your reach your dreams

As you have left
My heart has changed its beat
It pounds so hard
In reminiscence of yesterday

Who will hear our story?
Who will see our drama?
Who will listen to our plea without scorn?
Trivial posture on us by our lustful leaders

Some say discord note can’t agree
Some say it can amend
For reflect of successful artist
I dance to those who favor amend

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Dark Wall

The rain is gone.
The sun is set.
The breeze has come.
But my love is gone.

Love where art thou?
The season is here.
The earth is dry.
But your voice is faint.

Faces are seen.
Gifts are brought.
Scenes are seen.
But your absence is felt.

As the clock ticks,
So bad it hurts.
As the wind blows,
Memories of you arouse.

Our love was young,
When your time stopped.
I wish I can turn the hands of time,
That last days would be here.

Yeah! Dark side is for all.
But why is by turns.
Once would it have being
Without memories of the gone.

The cloud is too dark
But my memories are not held back
Really it is dark
All I see is dark.

Sleep well my love.
Dream and lurk no more.
The morning shall come.
To refresh these feelings.

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