Dark Wall Poem by Izuoma Ibe

Dark Wall

The rain is gone.
The sun is set.
The breeze has come.
But my love is gone.

Love where art thou?
The season is here.
The earth is dry.
But your voice is faint.

Faces are seen.
Gifts are brought.
Scenes are seen.
But your absence is felt.

As the clock ticks,
So bad it hurts.
As the wind blows,
Memories of you arouse.

Our love was young,
When your time stopped.
I wish I can turn the hands of time,
That last days would be here.

Yeah! Dark side is for all.
But why is by turns.
Once would it have being
Without memories of the gone.

The cloud is too dark
But my memories are not held back
Really it is dark
All I see is dark.

Sleep well my love.
Dream and lurk no more.
The morning shall come.
To refresh these feelings.

Chinwe Robert 30 November 2011

Gloomy, and precise...

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Crimson Love 20 September 2011

Beautiful poem, Amazingly written well done Izuoma. ^_^

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Ebi Robert 14 September 2011

I see a bunch of poesy buds in you.................

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Izuoma Ibe 09 September 2011

this is a true feeling by me. it happened to me when i lost a friend whim i barely knew for a month

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