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I've been wasted
I've been smashed
I've been fried
I've gone and bashed


What Are You Supposed To Do
When You Are Torn In Two
Is It Supposed To Hurt
What Do You Do When The One That Has Your Heart

Whenever I needed someone to talk to
You were always there.
My eyes filled with tears, my heart filled with pain, and
You were always there.

Sometimes I can see myself running.
But what am I running from?
I'm running from life.
It's impossible to get away.


What do you do when your dreams fall apart?
Was I destined to fail from the start?
I'm trying to live the best I can,
but it seems it's never enough.

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im 16 years young.I have been writeing since i was the age of 10. I write to express the way i feel and because its something to do in my spare time....when im not working or hanging out with friends....most of my work is EMO. but that word is underestimated sometimes...and i think people that feel this way should read my poems....thank you for viewing them and comment them =])

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Life's Natural High

I've been wasted
I've been smashed
I've been fried
I've gone and bashed
I've been to parties
And I've been high
I've soared like a kite
As high as the sky
But nothin can compare
To life's natural high
It feels so good
I've waved the drugs good-bye
It fills you up
It makes you whole
It always repairs you
And heals your damaged soul
It makes you feel
Like you're floating high above
It makes you wanna go away
And fly around like a dove
Nothing on Earth
Can even come close
It makes you lose
All your worries and woes
It makes you wanna give hatred
One gigantic shove
Do you know what it is
It's something called love

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Jaclyn Winkler Popularity

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