Life Poem by Jaclyn Winkler


What do you do when your dreams fall apart?
Was I destined to fail from the start?
I'm trying to live the best I can,
but it seems it's never enough.
I'm nothing in fates hands.
I help others and always put them before myself.
Yet I seem to come up empty handed,
with shortening health.
My mind is breaking.
My hearts been cracked.
I remember being so happy when I was little.
I wish I could have that life back.
Now I'm just a teenage girl living with depression.
Doing things with obsession,
trying not to get screwed over by lifes little lessons.
When I think about the future,
it seems sometimes that I'll never last.
All my dreams are being ripped apart fast.
Everything I used to be good at just seems to be going down the drain.
And I'm left alone here, to deal with this pain.
But does anyone care?
The answer to that can be such a shame.
Living in a world of liars, fakes, cheaters.
Pushing and shoving
Talking down to others to feel higher.
One day they'll realize someones gunna blow out their fire.
Maybe that's the day I'll find my strength
This worlds turning into something nasty.
And people seem to get crueler with each passing day.
Maybe one day when people realize something more than theirselves,
Things will head the right way.

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